Effective Quickbase Document Management

Have you already started, or are thinking about starting, a project in Quickbase, but are finding the document storage capabilities are not meeting your needs? Using internal Quickbase document storage & management can be prohibitively expensive and cause performance issues as well.

This is why we have created QDrive: the ultimate google drive quickbase integration app. With QDrive, you will find the perfect pairing between the excellent project features within Quickbase and the simplicity of G Suite document management.

View and upload documents to Google Drive from Quickbase

QDrive lets you upload multiple documents to Google Drive directly from your Quickbase app. Once uploaded, you can view and edit them from Quickbase or Google Drive.

This allows you to create a project folder in Google Drive which then will show up in your project. You can upload multiple documents at a time and use all features offered by Google Drive, but it is all embedded within the convenience of Quickbase. This arrangement also allows you to share documents with non Quickbase users.

How It Works

  • When you add a record to your Quickbase app, such as a client, job, or anything else, a folder is added to Google Drive with the same name
  • The QDrive add-in then appears on this record in Quickbase
  • You can then upload multiple documents to this Google Drive folder directly from Quickbase
  • Any file uploaded to this Google Drive Folder from Quickbase or Google Drive, will then be viewable in Quickbase in the QDrive Add-in

QDrive Benefits

  • Mass Uploading: Upload multiple files at one, saving time and effort.
  • Mass Downloading: Similarly, multiple docs can be downloaded at once straight from the Quickbase application.
  • Offline Access: Docs can be saved and updated via desktop folders, allowing for offline access.
  • External Storage: Keep all docs stored out of your Quickbase application or local network.

QDrive Features

  • Drag and drop many files from Quickbase to Google Drive
  • View Google Drive documents from a Quickbase record ( a company, a job, etc.) whether it was updated from Google Drive or Quickbase
  • Compatible with the Google Drive desktop application
  • Open documents and edit Google Docs directly in your browser without downloading them first
  • Optional Features:
    • Create standard folder structures in Google Drive
    • Browse through Google Drive folders from within Quickbase

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