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With our powerful, cloud-based project management app, you can manage your schedules, weekly work plans, resources and trade partners – together. With an easy to use interface, ConstructBase offers collaborative project management tools that are accessible to your whole team.
Digital pull planning software that’s actionable, realistic, and project-based. QLean offers continuous collaboration and execution through the lifespan of a project. Create a perfectly optimized schedule and then build project management features to fit your project’s needs.
Managing ongoing compliance doesn’t need to include an endless flurry of spreadsheets, emails and attachments. Our construction safety solution streamlines your ability to track incident reporting, OSHA violations, certifications, back-to-work process and more.

Continuous Compliance –

Made Easy.

Managing ongoing compliance doesn’t need to include an endless flurry of spreadsheets, emails and attachments. You can even get rid of all the hard copies. Our construction safety solution allows you to digitally track incident reporting, OSHA violations, certifications, back-to-work process and more from easy-to-use mobile interfaces. We’ll improve your job site safety – quickly and affordably.

Built for Construction

Industry Expertise
We’ve built hundreds of powerful Quickbase applications and add-ons across the Built Environment.
Powerful Solutions
Our robust suite of industry solutions can solve virtually any challenge you might encounter in the field.
Strategic Partnership
We strive to be your strategic partner – creating custom tools that fit your needs and create unparalleled value.

An Easy-to-Use Digital Solution to Keep Your People Safe

Ditch the spreadsheets and ensure on-site safety. QSafety provides a suite of robust safety tracking tools in one, easy-to-use platform. Simplify continuous compliance, get live updates from the field, and see what’s going on in real time.

Pre-task Planning

Generate safety checklists for every operation on site and assign tasks to trade partners. The mobile app makes it easy for everyone to see their tasks and safety protocols, and to sign off that they’ll follow each day’s processes and procedures. Get ahead of any oversights with at-a-glance reporting.

Recording Observations

Preventative measures keep people safe. QSafety makes it easy for anyone on-site to report observations if they see something unsafe. With quick and easy mobile forms, users can take and upload pictures, record notes and the system will automatically notify the safety managers to ensure a timely response.

Incident Tracking

In the unfortunate event of an incident, simplify the process with centralized data and tracking. Users can report incidents from the field and the system will assign severity levels to trigger automatic prioritization and notifications. Record all observations, maintain documentation, assess all costs associated with an incident, and create corrective action plans to ensure it doesn’t happen again. 

Mitigate Risk with Reporting

Use data analysis and at-a-glance reporting to help mitigate risk and get ahead of safety issues. Quickly identify major safety risks, what’s causing them, and how you can resolve them to avoid incidents occurring. Use full historical reporting to mitigate risk of lawsuits and improve safety processes across every project.


Easily schedule and track inspections. Keep an eye on milestone dates or stages of a project, and ensure everything is safe. Assign tasks to specific inspections and keep logs of all activity on site. Enter results, record observations and track any necessary corrective action plans all from one central hub.

Full Customization

Built with years of industry expertise behind it, QSafety's features are fine-tuned to keep your job sites safe. It's also fully customizable – allowing you to easily hone processes and reports to exactly fit your safety standards and organizational needs.

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Construction Resources

Katchmark Case Study

VeilSun’s customization for Katchmark Construction enabled a real-time information flow that streamlined processes and helped shrink overhead by nearly 10%.

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Pull Planning with QLean

Our client has relied on QLean to manage project schedules that have stretched from six months to five years, including major airports and massive commercial buildings.

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Tools to Solve Your Construction Project Management Headaches

Whether you’ve got a five-man team or are managing dozens of subcontractors, you don’t have to spend a ton of money, time or effort getting everything you need in one place.

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What Our Clients Have To Say

Veilsun has continued to provide a great service in evolving our various flows in our application. With VeilSun’s help, we were able to evolve flows such as inventory, vehicle and equipment tracking, time entries, etc. It's good to know that Veilsun can provide trusted developers who are responsive, innovative and care about the overall goal of our application!


Jimmy Strozier


Taking existing business processes within our company to automate aspects of inefficiencies, redundancies, and manual entry is still relatively new within our industry. Quickbase has proven to be a successful user interface for the various end users we have. Many times I’ve found myself bringing ideas, questions, or requests to the Veilsun team and they’ve been outstanding in helping me identify the best path forward. In addition, they’ve helped with the heavy lifting required to push existing data into Quickbase and get everything going quickly. Truly I cannot say enough great things about the Veilsun Team. They will help you realize the full capabilities with Quickbase and expose you to more than what is readily available through trainings, etc.


Allison Lewey


The VeilSun team has been wonderful to work with. Over the course of the past 18 months VeilSun not only helped us accomplish what we wanted to accomplish, but also recommended and helped us gain capabilities that we didn’t even realize were options. Through these upgrades, we have been able to use the information that was collected to make executive decisions that have both increased our profit margins and manufacturing quality by allowing us to direct our efforts in the right strategic areas. Veilsun is not just a provider to us, they are a part of our team and we look forward to furthering our partnership!


Sam Ulmer

Meyer Utility Structures, LLC