Want to Innovate, Free People From Boring Tasks and Shape the Future?

We’re a fast-growing group of awesome humans who thrive on teamwork and variety. Working in Quickbase and other low-code development tools, our team of solution architects solves business challenges facing the top companies in every major industry. With us, it’s never the same day twice. We’ve got a growing portfolio of new clients and use cases that mean we’re always tackling new challenges, building new tools and finding new ways to bring value to our customers.

If you like solving problems and want to be part of a dynamic and refreshing culture, we’re always looking for new VIPs and Quickbase experts in several areas, including:
  • Programmers
  • Developers
  • Business Analysts
  • Project Managers
  • Account Managers
We're Hiring

Be Inspired. Never Bored.

Our people power our success. We believe in partnering with clients and treating our team like family. At VeilSun, the work is interesting, the work environment is fun and our team is genuinely invested in helping each other succeed.

Teamwork and Efficiency Aren’t Just Buzzwords.

When we say we’re a team, we mean it.

Forget territoriality. Forget politics. We strive to support our people on all fronts, looking for the win-win that comes from aligning individual and business growth.

We also offer the flexibility needed for our people to get stuff done. By working together, emphasizing efficiency and valuing everyone’s time, we build applications that immediately solve problems and offer quick ROI.


Veilsun is like working with your family, except without the family drama, and if every member of your family was an older sibling that always has your back. I’ve never worked with such an intelligent, supportive and hard working group of people, and it would be fair to say I love working for VeilSun!


Why You Should Work With Us

If you like to solve problems, work with great people and enjoy a fun and energetic company culture, we should talk.

Excellent Compensation

Fun Work Environment

Great Opportunities


Core Values

Practical Innovation

We are innovative in providing solutions to our clients, but only if the solution provides a measurable return on investment. We do not reinvent the wheel, unless the wheel begs for reinvention.


We exist to create happiness. For our clients, we provide innovations that release people from boring, unnecessary tasks so they can do more fulfilling work — and show their true value. For our team members, we actively support each other’s goals so we all grow professionally — and have fun.


We strive to maintain awareness and compassion in our decisions and interactions with our clients and co-workers. A million insights exist in the present moment and we practice active mindfulness to be open to new and diverse ideas.


We believe there are two aspects to integrity - honest behavior and structural wholeness. In every interaction, we choose honest behavior over short-term gains. Structurally, we foster a cohesive, fair and collaborative work environment for each and every member of our team.


We recognize that every individual is uniquely valuable. We actively seek diverse experience and perspectives — and treat each person with respect. We also value ourselves and won’t engage in business relationships that aren’t grounded in mutual respect.


As believers that communication solves all problems, we’re transparent with customers, and potential customers, through effective communication, honest needs assessments and expectation-setting. And we’re transparent with our team by embracing truthful interactions — when it’s easy and when it’s not.

Performance Excellence

We understand that performance excellence is achieved through constant learning, organizational improvement and providing value. To achieve this, we support the growth of our team, environment, and processes to consistently deliver beyond client expectations.

Hear from Our Employees

I’ve never worked for a company where the owners were as deeply invested in the personal growth of their employees as they are the professional growth.

Ben L.

I love working for VeilSun because there is space to be creative and figure things out, but I also have a great support net in case I get stuck or need another set of eyes.

Dan L.

The people, every person at VeilSun cares about excellence, empathy, and creating world class solutions.

Mike M.