Open Worlds of Opportunity Through Shared Business Apps

Sharing information between business apps is now mission critical for businesses that want to grow and increase profitability. It removes data silos, fosters collaboration and enables more efficient processes.

VeilSun specializes in integrating all of your business critical applications. We've performed hundreds of successful integrations with both leading edge and legacy software.

Common Application Integrations

Our Integration Technologies

Workato Integrations

Workato is an enterprise-class integration and automation platform that enables VeilSun to connect hundreds of applications with little or no code. Its rich feature set allows us to focus on maximizing value to your team - not jockeying code. With Workato, you benefit from:

  • Multi-branch and multi-instant
  • Advanced business rules
  • A simple, powerful interface
  • Robust timing rules
  • Advanced security

Leverage our deep Workato experience to automate your business quickly and effectively.

Salesforce & Quickbase Integration

Linking Salesforce with Quickbase is one of the most effective ways of linking your internal sales team to the back end development process. When a project closes, an integration with Quickbase can help get all of the relevant information from the Salesforce to your dev teams, ensuring a speedy, accurate, and properly scoped kickoff to the project. It also helps protect against any information being lost between the two systems.

Learn more about Salesforce & Quickbase Integration

QuickBooks & Quickbase Integration

In general, accounting systems are excellent at providing a general ledger and system of record, However they are not always as good at managing all the processes and project management aspects of accounting.

An integration between QuickBooks and Quickbase is one of the best ways to effectively bridge this gap. Doing so helps ‘marry’ the ongoing business process with what accounting needs to fulfill for getting paid and maintaining a clean general ledger. This includes things like:

  • Using milestones to trigger invoices
  • Tracking time in Quickbase vs. the budgeted time in QuickBooks
  • Adding invoices directly into Quickbase & establishing a collection process
  • Leveraging Quickbase & Netsuite Integrations for enterprise projects

Learn more about QuickBooks & Quickbase Integration

Google Suite & Quickbase Integration

Syncing G Suite products with Quickbase is all about collaboration. It is common to want all all of your docs, internal communication, and information all in one place. With Quickbase, we can create a central hub for all project information. This provides a central source of truth for the project, which streamlines the entire story.

Our G Suite Integrations include:

  • Gmail
  • Google Docs
  • Google Drive
  • Google Calendar
  • Etc.

Custom Integration Services

If Workato isn't an option, VeilSun has a team of specialists that can integrate anything through ground-up development, including:

Cloud Applications
Harness the power of the cloud and let our Rapid Application Development team build custom apps that fit your needs.
Homegrown Custom Systems
Leverage your existing systems with a company-wide technology strategy.
Enterprise ERPs
Integrate ERP applications to manage your business and automate back-office functions.
Legacy Software
Integrate legacy software with new apps and systems.

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