Maximize Your Investment Without Headcount

Many companies need to develop strategic applications to keep up with business growth, but would rather not spend the money on hiring a permanent development team. When you engage VeilSun, you'll have full flexibility of determining the expertise you need-when you need it. And our engagement is risk free-you can change skill sets as your priorities shift, or adjust the level of support as your needs change.

Let VeilSun become your virtual development department with an Ongoing Cloud App Development Plan. Our dedicated experts understand your strategic objectives and make sure your applications evolve at the speed of your business.

Flexible Staffing. Expert Resources. Peace of Mind.

Engaging VeilSun as your outsourced cloud development team ensures you get the most out of your technology investments. Our monthly service plan is designed to give you:

Freedom - You create a wish list of technology enhancements to support business priorities. We'll handle the development.

Strategic Advantage - When you have an outsourced cloud application team to evolve Quickbase at the speed of your business, your systems are a step ahead.

Diverse Resource Pool - With a talented pool of resources at your fingertips, you'll always have the right talent for the right job.

Time and Money Savings - Building an internal team with the same skill level takes time and money. We'll help you save on both.

Peace of Mind - If anything goes wrong, we've got you covered.

Agility - Ongoing Quickbase & cloud development means that your applications are always able to flex, adapt, and adjust in real time, ensuring that they always maintain relevance and stay up to date.

Mindshare Protection - With an outsourced cloud app team, you can rest assured that all your Quickbase knowledge remains in-house, regardless of internal resources or turnover.


Get to Value Quickly
As an extension of your business, we'll get to work quickly without a long contracting and procurement process.
Dedicated Lead
You get a dedicated Quickbase expert who has intimate knowledge of your business leading to high return results.
Diverse Team of Experts
Whatever your Quickbase needs-from straightforward to complex-our diverse pool of resources will develop and integrate it with your system.
Emergency Support
If something goes wrong. It's handled. We take the worry out.


When you sign up for a monthly development plan, you'll be assigned a dedicated team lead who rapidly becomes familiar with your business. Your dedicated lead will work closely with you to establish key priorities and drive enhancements on a weekly basis with our development team.

Have an emergency? Don't sweat it. We'll take care of it, so you don't have to.

Your Quick Base Team Monthly Plans

Outsourced Cloud App Development FAQs

What are the benefits of signing up for an outsourced cloud app team?
An Ongoing Development Plan allows us to assign a dedicated Project Lead devoted to you. Without an ongoing contract, we can’t commit that your Project Lead will always be available.

Having a dedicated Project Lead, has many benefits:

  • A quicker pace of development
  • Consistent attention and knowledgeshare
  • Fastest response time
  • Dedicated project lead who knows your business (for plans above Support Level)

What is the difference between Support Level vs. Managed Levels?
The Support Level provides a minimal amount of hours that can be used for break-fixes and minor changes to your app such as adding fields, creating formulas, or creating reports. Support Level plans are not assigned a project lead, so you may get a different person responding to your request each time. At the Support Level, we try to provide a consistent lead, but it can’t always guarantee it. With the Managed Level, we can.

Managed Level Plans provide enough hours for VeilSun to offer both support-level services and work on new initiatives and development in your organization. You will receive a dedicated project lead who knows your business who can draw from a wide pool of VeilSun resources to ensure your Quickbase app evolves with your changing business and needs.

How long is the commitment?
You can cancel an Ongoing Development Plan at any time with a 90-day notice.

What if I need more, or less, hours on a given month?
The Ongoing Development plan is built with flexibility. If you have a heavy development month, you can temporarily increase your plan with a one-week notice. Or if you have hours left over at the end of the month, you may roll over a percentage of your plan’s hours to the next month.