Simple. Flexible. Built to meet all your compliance needs.

Preparing for audits and managing ongoing compliance no longer need to include an endless flurry of spreadsheets, emails, and attachments. There really is a better way.

We’ve built a new, flexible, and inexpensive cloud-based platform designed from the ground up to streamline continuous compliance. With our help, you can quickly and easily manage internal and external compliance activities in a tool that is simple, flexible, and secure. Whether you manage three audits each year or fifty, you’ll save hundreds of hours and ensure properly vetted information ends up in the right hands — all year-round.

Advantages of Continuous Compliance with VeilSun

Make Continuous Compliance a Reality — At a Fraction of the Cost

Easily Track and Manage Non-Compliance
  • Document identified non-compliance
  • Assign corrective actions to individuals
  • Track & report organizational progress against corrective actions
  • Identify and mitigate compliance risks year-round
Centralize All Compliance in One Place
  • Manage compliance across and within departments
  • Track progress and task ownership
  • Collect, audit, vet, and approve evidence — all in one place
  • Customize evidence approval paths
  • Improve the security of evidence collection, storage, and access
Get Real-Time Insight
  • Graphical, web-based interface
  • Real-time dashboards and reports
  • At-a-glance access to status updates
Adapt Quickly to Changing Workflows
  • Low code and flexible architecture makes for easy updates
  • Low cost of ownership and clear onboarding
  • Horizontal GRC platform configurable to any compliance stack
  • Easily assign tasks and set security clearance
  • Implement, document, and track new compliance initiatives
  • Can be updated in 24 hours
Save Time and Money
  • Reduce complexity with a simple and straightforward user interface
  • Eliminate email and spreadsheet evidence collection and approvals
  • Measure and report progress regularly (not just during audits)
  • Stop wasting time on spreadsheets
  • Make compliance a process, not an event

GRC and the Challenges of Ensuring Compliance

Regardless of industry, effective compliance means coordinating across multiple departments and myriad regulations. Typically, this is accomplished through an endless chain of emails and spreadsheets — an inefficient and unsecure approach that is frustrating and cumbersome for everyone involved.

Spreadsheets may be the norm, but emailing spreadsheets creates gaps in data security, and it makes it too easy for tasks to fall through the cracks. The chain of information is inevitably jumbled, and auditors end-up wasting your valuable time and theirs tracking down information they should have had on hand.

Even when an organization moves beyond spreadsheets, most GRC systems are expensive and overly complicated. They also lack vital functionality. A truly comprehensive system must be able to adapt to changing workflows, collect and approve evidence with appropriate security clearances, and document non-compliance and track corrective measures. This is where other GRC systems fall short. As a result, compliance remains reactive — frantically prepping for or responding to audits — instead of being proactive and continuous.


Achieve Continuous Compliance — All in One Place

With VeilSun’s inexpensive and incredibly flexible continuous compliance system, you can centralize all your compliance requirements in one platform — ensuring bulletproof security and consistent ease of access. No more emails. No more spreadsheets.

Now, you’ll be able to collect, audit, approve, and store evidence in a single platform. Assign tasks and track progress for every compliance stack, whether you’re monitoring compliance at the departmental or organizational level. Identify compliance risks outside of audits or events and address issues before they become a problem. Incorporate new workflows for policy creation, maintenance, and approval — all while ensuring data is secure and up to date. And all at a fraction of the cost.

Flexibly manage compliance across departments all year round
  • Track task progress and ownership
  • Simple interface means fast onboarding
  • See real-time progress reports
  • Manage and track internal audits and initiatives

Create a continuous compliance workflow that meets all your organization’s needs
  • Quickly update workflows as policies change
  • Create custom workflows at the department and organizational level
  • Accommodate different evidence approval paths

Protect your most sensitive information with customizable clearance settings
  • Take information requests out of email
  • Set proper security clearances for evidence collection and review
  • Ensure data remains secure post-collection

Provide continuous compliance at a fraction of the cost
  • A single solution for all your GRC needs
  • Subscription-based
  • Simple interface for easy user training
  • Easy to update as you incorporate new policies and regulations change
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