We Can Build Anything

We've helped more than 500 clients solve complicated business challenges across every vertical – giving us the industry expertise and deep product knowledge to ensure your application is the best it can be.

We Can Build Anything

In 18+ years of working in Quickbase, we haven’t yet found something we couldn’t integrate or build. We've helped clients solve complicated business challenges across every vertical – giving us the industry expertise and deep product knowledge to ensure your application is the best it can be.

We’ll Do It Right the First Time

Working with Mendix experts means you don’t have to worry whether or not your application will meet the project's needs. We’ll get it up and running quickly, effectively and without expensive delays. You’ll have streamlined business processes without the headache.

We’ll Get It Done Fast

Mendix may be a low-code, user-friendly platform, but that doesn’t mean just anyone has the skillset to implement a fully-functional application. We do. As award-winning low code developers, we believe in practical innovations that solve immediate problems and are built to scale as your business grows.



Our Services

Full Service Projects
From design to development to deployment, we’ll ensure your application fits your needs and works like a dream.

Ongoing Development
Our pros can become your development department – keeping applications up to date and evolving with your business.

Streamline your processes by integrating all your business critical applications.

Roadmap & Blueprinting
Talk with us about your strategic software direction and we'll build a blueprint to get you there. 

Saving you time, money and headaches.

Mendix unlocks possibilities.

VeilSun makes possibilities practical.



Use the best craftsman. 

You might know what tool is perfect for your belt, but tools are limited to the talent of the craftsman. We know how to get it done, and we know how to listen. It's our business to technology translating skill that sets VeilSun above the rest. 

Get set free. 

Define your business processes and we will build the software to support them. Out of the box software can't fit every use case you have, but flexible solutions set your team free. 

Convenient, Collaborative, Customizable.

We're the kind of consultants who work with you to meet the unique needs of your application – rather than presenting a cookie cutter solution. We combine sound business know-how, creativity, and development expertise to provide powerful, FAST, solutions for businesses across industries.

Benefits of Working with a low-code Consultant

Strategic Partnership
We strive to be your strategic partner – creating custom tools that fit your needs and create unparalleled value.
Dedicated Lead
You get a dedicated Mendix expert who has intimate knowledge of your business leading to high return results.
Get to Value Quickly
As an extension of your business, we'll get to work quickly without a long contracting and procurement process.

What Our Clients Have To Say

The big-picture view and suggestions for the best way architecturally for it all to come together has been extremely valuable to have. VeilSun is always willing to listen to new ideas and help strategize to solve the problem, and really take time to understand the business needs/processes. I appreciate the dedication to ensuring documentation on all features which are released and changed, as well as the flexibility the whole team has shown with changing scope throughout the iterative development.


Melissa Cunningham


Taking existing business processes within our company to automate aspects of inefficiencies, redundancies, and manual entry is still relatively new within our industry. Truly I cannot say enough great things about the Veilsun Team. They will help you realize the full capabilities with low code platforms and expose you to more than what is readily available through trainings, etc.


Allison Lewey


VeilSun has been a terrific partner in executing my vision for a variety of applications providing valuable insight based on their experiences and prior solutions. The solutions being provided are architecturally built for future growth along with an intuitive UI which helps drive adoption. I'm looking forward to working with VeilSun in applying the next generation of software functionality to our existing and future applications.

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Jim Vernot


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