A Simple, Web-Based Calendar & Scheduling Solution

There are many business apps online which are excellent at doing project management, keeping tabs on everything you may be tracking, or getting all your resources organized into one place. However, what is not as common, unfortunately, is pairing these apps with a quality business scheduling and calendaring solution. Far too often, handling resource and people scheduling becomes a point of confusion and frustration.

This is why we developed QScheduler: the Quick Base scheduling app from VeilSun. QScheduler is the simple, customizable, and fully integrated solution designed to merge scheduling needs with project management best practices.

Easily schedule resources in Quick Base

With its seamless integration with Quick Base, QScheduler gives you a powerful web-based calendar that’s super simple to use. QScheduler takes data in Quick Base and creates an easy interface to drag & drop schedules for people, resources, events, or anything else. As long as it is in a database, it can be used.

The beauty of Qscheduler is that it is highly visible. It takes all of your calendar items and puts them into a big grid which can then be edited, filtered, and customized in many different ways. Its drag and drop interface lets you assign and manage existing tasks and add new tasks on the fly.

And best of all, QScheduler is connected in real time with Quick Base via the embedding. Other scheduling apps for business are usually hosted, which adds monthly costs and slows down performance. But QScheduler is all done via Quick Base and the Cloud, making it a very streamlined solution.

QScheduler Benefits

  • CUSTOMIZABLE VIEWS: Includes multiple views which can be used for central scheduling, collaboration, and individual calendaring
  • DRAG AND DROP: Visualize your resource availability and easily drag and drop events to schedule.
  • WORKS IN ANY APP: QScheduler can be implemented in any Quick Base app, including the app you’ve used for years.
  • CUSTOMIZABLE: Let VeilSun customize QScheduler to fit your business’ needs and workflow
  • NO MONTHLY FEES: QScheduler is hosted and embedded right in your Quick Base app, so you don’t have to pay any monthly hosting fees.


  • View task assignments on a "timeline" scheduler interface or as a calendar
  • Task display and informational pop up is fully configurable to provide info to users
  • Includes custom filters for filtering resources, tasks, or date ranges
  • Supports multiple views, including daily, weekly, monthly or custom date ranges
  • Hosted right in your application, eliminating monthly hosting fees

Sample Use Cases:

  • Sales Teams: Manage sales team appointments and help organize their shared schedules.
  • Field Teams: Deploy your team and crews effectively on a project
  • Equipment: Schedule the use of machines, trucks, and other work-site vehicles.
  • Timesheets: Employee timesheet scheduling for budget planning
  • Events: Plan events around one another and well in advance.
  • Anything Else: Use for almost anything else that needs to be scheduled & tracked

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