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Leveraging AI & Bots - Creating New Quickbase Value

James_blog ty_blog Presented by James Cosman & Ty Shewmake on
September 17, 2019


Are you harnessing the power of artificial intelligence and bots within Quickbase for your business's productivity and profit?

In this webinar recording from VeilSun (original air date of 9/17), learn how this emerging technology can skyrocket collaboration, efficiency and user adoption in your organization. Some opportunities with Quickbase and Bots & AI include:

  • Image recognition to identify things like parts, objects, items and even people
  • Chat Bots that walk users through a pre-determined process and update Quickbase in real time
  • AI-driven scheduling and dispatching
  • Image analysis that can be deployed to automatically diagnose damage of critical equipment
  • Presence and absence analysis to report what is missing on job sites from uploaded images

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