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Low-code solutions custom built
for your industry.

Unique industry challenges require unique solutions. Discover how VeilSun can build a custom
low-code app to help solve your biggest headaches - in record time.


Low Code Planning & Scheduling Solutions You’ll Actually Use

At VeilSun, we know the complexities and nuances of project planning and scheduling, and we're here to
be your partner in building tools to help you do it better.

Off-the-shelf solutions don’t solve
your biggest issues.

Let’s face it: effective planning and scheduling often feel like a pipedream. How many spreadsheets do you currently have for your different processes?

It’s not just about meeting deadlines – it's about driving efficiency, aligning stakeholders, and making informed decisions that propel your organization forward.

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Planning & Scheduling Apps
for the Way You Work

Our Planning & Scheduling Philosophy

At VeilSun, we believe that planning and scheduling are more than just tools – they're strategic assets that can unlock new levels of productivity, collaboration, and growth. Our approach is rooted in three core principles.


Effective planning requires buy-in and alignment across all levels of your organization. We work closely with you to ensure that your project plans, schedules, and roadmaps are comprehensive and align with your overarching business goals and strategic vision.


Rigid plans are often destined to fail in a changing market. Our solutions are designed to be agile and flexible, enabling you to pivot and adapt as circumstances change – without sacrificing control or visibility.


Data is powerful, but only when it's transformed into actionable insights. Our planning and scheduling solutions provide real-time visibility into project performance, resource utilization, and potential bottlenecks, empowering you to make informed decisions that drive tangible results.

Our Planning &
Scheduling Solution Development Process

Our development plan starts with a Technology Blueprint - where we build your planning and scheduling app that keeps your projects on track:

  1. Assess: We evaluate your current planning and scheduling processes to identify areas for improvement.
  2. Plan: Develop a customized plan that aligns with your business goals and project requirements.
  3. Execute: Implement the plan using our advanced tools and methodologies, ensuring smooth execution.
  4. Monitor: Continuously monitor progress and make necessary adjustments to keep the project on track.
  5. Refine: Optimize processes based on real-time data and feedback, ensuring continuous improvement.

Planning scheduling solution development process cycle

Why Choose VeilSun for Planning & Scheduling?

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Transparency & Visibility
In Design

Gain a single source of truth for all project activities, enabling better decision-making and improved communication among stakeholders.

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Customized Solutions via Our Technology Blueprint

Our solutions are tailored to fit your specific business processes, ensuring that you don’t have to change how you work to fit the software.

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Real-Time Collaboration
At All Steps

Facilitate seamless collaboration among team members, reducing misalignment and ensuring everyone is on the same page.


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Predictable Outcomes You
Can Trust

Improve accuracy in budgeting and scheduling, reducing the risk of over-budget and over-time projects.


Start Building Your Planning & Scheduling App

Schedule a Consultation
Contact us to schedule a consultation where we discuss your business needs, current challenges, and long-term goals.
Create a Custom Plan
We work with you to develop a detailed blueprint that outlines the features and enhancements that will drive the most value for your business.
Implement and Optimize
Our team gets to work on developing and implementing your custom solutions, providing ongoing support, and refining the processes based on your feedback.


Decades Of Experience In Rapid Low Code App Development

With over 17 years of experience and a portfolio of successful projects across diverse industries, our team of experts understands effective planning and scheduling. We leverage this deep industry knowledge, best practices, and cutting-edge technologies to deliver tailored solutions that streamline your operations and drive efficiency.

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We contacted the VeilSun team to help us implement some much needed enhancements on our Facilitator Scheduling Tool, and through that process, we were educated on how much more functional and efficient our application could be! VeilSun has gone above and beyond our expectations to bring our application to a whole new level of efficiency."

Donna Worst, Fifth Third Bank

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Master Planning & Scheduling with VeilSun

Don’t let inefficient planning and scheduling derail your projects. With VeilSun’s tailored solutions, you avoid the common pitfalls of project delays and budget overruns. Our expertise ensures your projects are planned, executed, and managed efficiently, keeping everything on track.


How does VeilSun customize planning and scheduling solutions?

We tailor our solutions to fit your specific business processes, ensuring that the software adapts to your needs rather than forcing you to change your workflow.

What tools do you use for planning and scheduling?

We utilize advanced low-code platforms and project management tools that offer flexibility, real-time collaboration, and comprehensive visibility into project activities.

Can your solutions integrate with our existing systems?

Yes, our solutions are designed to integrate seamlessly with your existing software, providing a unified platform for managing all project-related activities.

How do you ensure projects stay on time and on budget?

Our structured process includes continuous monitoring and real-time adjustments, helping to keep projects on track and within budget.

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