Why Quickbase vs. Other Database Solutions?

Quickbase is not simply a spreadsheet, or collection of spreadsheets, on the web. It’s a robust, integrated and reliable database that is flexible enough to create any structure you need. Unlike individual spreadsheets, a Quickbase database allows you to easily relate information together, build hierarchical relationships, track workflow, share reports, and more.

Quickbase Database Benefits:

  • Fast — Quickbase is the fast way to manage your business information and processes and allows you to calculate in real time
  • Robust — Quickbase is built for teams and is powerful and secure enough to support enterprise business needs.
  • Easy to use — Quickbase uses a simple, visual interface that requires no SQL coding.
  • Easy access to information — Quickbase allows you to seamlessly upload whatever information you need to store, such as sales leads, project milestones and HR records, and house everything in one centralized location.

Quickbase Outperforms Microsoft Excel in Modern Work Environments

Quick Base Database Programming CollaborationPopular spreadsheet software, like Microsoft Excel, are not workflow systems, meaning you can’t trigger tasks going to people based on actions. With today’s dynamic, collaborative business environment, you need a tool that can help you differentiate lines with multiple people tracking information at once. Today’s workforce needs a tool to be responsive to organizations with different roles and workflows that need to access the same data and use the information in different ways. And older versions of Excel don’t allow multiple users to work together in one document, which hampers collaboration. Finally, think about the need to restrict access to data — Excel isn’t as safe as people think it is. At the end of the day, spreadsheets like Excel don’t function fully in a modern setting.

Custom Quickbase Programming with VeilSun

If you’re short on time, expertise or resources, VeilSun is a top reviewed Quickbase Solution Provider that can help you maximize your Quickbase investment.

The skills of a traditional Database Administrator don’t always lend themselves to Quickbase. To be successful, you must consider front-end design, workflow, scalability and performance at the same time as considering database structure. VeilSun provides a team of database design experts with years of Quickbase experience to help you create value-add capability including customized data flows, sophisticated business logic, and automated workflows.

Avoid the learning curve and save time & money by letting our experts translate your business process into a high value application.

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