Lean Construction Planning Software For Any Budget

If you’re looking for a lean construction project management system that will maximize the efficiency of your projects, VeilSun’s QLean software is for you. Pull planning with QLean offers continuous collaboration and execution through the lifespan of a project — at an incredibly affordable rate.

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Advantages of Virtual Pull Planning

With QLean

Continuous Collaboration and Execution
  • Visual & digital representation of pull planning methodology
  • Fosters communication and transparency amongst all your trades
  • Pull planning in a digital environment
  • Intuitive and easy to use system
Flexible & Adaptable
  • Built on a flexible and adaptable platform
  • Allows easy for expansion and customization
  • Can be customized and updated in 24 hours
Continuous Tracking
  • Ability to track the lifecycle of the project in one place
  • Keep up with all deadlines and timelines
  • Run multiple pulls and multiple projects, all through one system
  • Mobile friendly inputs
  • Subscription-based Platform for expansion and customization
Exceptionally Affordable
  • Built on a subscription-based platform
  • Not priced per project
  • Cheaper (by an order of magnitude) compared to competing software

Pull Planning Software for the Construction Industry

As a concept, the pull planning (aka ‘sticky note’) system for project management is well established. It can be an efficient scheduling method for many projects. However, sticky notes are not suited for larger, more complicated projects.

Using cloud-based software to facilitate your pull planning allows you to keep track of all the moving parts — no matter how many there are. The process becomes significantly less cumbersome, easier to track, and far easier to manage (and you don’t need to take up an entire wall with sticky notes). You’ll also save time and ensure nothing gets lost in the shuffle by using a program to automatically port your plan into a master, digital schedule.

Unfortunately, most of the software options for pull planning construction projects are cumbersome, overly complicated, or not cost-effective. That’s why VeilSun created QLean: to provide pull planning software that’s actionable, realistic, and project-based — at a fraction of the cost of other programs.


Pull Planning With QLean

Whether you’re new to pull planning or already using it for your construction project management, using QLean will radically improve your processes.

Unlike other software options for pull planning, QLean stays with your project for the full lifecycle — from planning to final product. Pull planning with QLean allows you to create a perfectly optimized schedule and then build project management features to fit your project’s needs. Contractors can easily log in to view their schedule, or you can create workflows that send emails to notify the appropriate teams of schedule changes. Detailed notes in your “stickies” will port into the schedule, and anyone on the project will be able to see at a glance where work is being done and what dependencies have been completed.

QLean is an exceptionally versatile system, designed with customization and flexibility in mind. It’s user-friendly and free of the hard and fast rules that make implementation a nightmare. Instead of complicating your planning process, it will make it seamless.

Best of all, QLean is priced on a subscription basis, not by project, so regardless of your project’s size or scale, QLean will comfortably fit your budget.

Foster cooperation, commitment, & agreement from everyone on the project
  • Coordination with all trades
  • Agree on a final schedule
  • Eliminates miscommunication
  • Real time project management, as conversations occur
  • No Excuses

Develop a completely tight end schedule
  • Collaborative process
  • Agree who works on what, and when
  • Outline order of events
  • Lean & optimized schedule
  • Void of gaps & miscommunications

Capture all your planning & conversations in one place
  • Interface re-creates sticky notes system
  • Software is a project enabler
  • Update projects in real time
  • Efficient, lightweight experience
  • Build a lean schedule which flows in a project plan

Stop buying new software every time you begin a new project
  • Subscription-based
  • Never pay per project
  • More economical
  • No new buying decision every time you make a new building
  • Project is forever in your organization

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