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Low-code solutions custom built
for your industry.

Unique industry challenges require unique solutions. Discover how VeilSun can build a custom
low-code app to help solve your biggest headaches - in record time.


Supercharge Procore
with custom apps by VeilSun

Procore is powerful, but sometimes you need it to work the way your team works. VeilSun is a proven
Procore Partner that builds custom applications right into Procore that can do anything.

Top Construction Companies trust VeilSun

Unlock the power of Procore with low-code.

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Procore is a construction management platform trusted for its robust project management, safety protocols, and collaboration features. But are you taking advantage of Procore’s features? With VeilSun, we take that trust a step further by enhancing Procore with custom low-code apps that fit your use case precisely. 

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Imagine Procore, but with custom modules that work exactly the way you need them to, allowing you to work smarter. It’s time you got your money’s worth from your system - and we’ve got the expertise to get you there.


We're ProCore Experts

For 17 years, VeilSun has led the way in equipping construction firms with custom low-code applications integrated with Procore—the leading construction management platform.

We go beyond knowing ProCore inside out—we understanding how it can be precisely tailored to fit the unique demands of your projects. Unlock the power of ProCore with a custom low-code app and optimize your operations faster.

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Our development process.

Your processes are unique - so your low-code application should custom tailored to you. Our dedication to alignment-focused
development means we build a solution designed for your operations today that lasts well past tomorrow.

Discover and define Discover and define

Assess and design Assess and design

Plan & align Plan & align

Procore Integrated Apps Custom to You

When you need Procore to work exactly the way you need to work, we've built it before.

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  • Project Feasibility
  • Estimating
  • Bid Management
  • Purchasing
  • Contract Management
  • Vendor Management
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Project Execution

  • Lean Planning
  • Scheduling
  • Project Management
  • Resource Management
  • Equipment and Material Tracking
  • Barcoding
  • Inventory Management
  • Field Services
  • Submittals
  • Daily Reports
  • Change Orders
  • Time Management
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Project Financials

  • Budgeting
  • Vendor POs and Invoicing Approvals and Processes
  • Cost Management
  • Financial Forecasting
  • Accounting and ERP Integration
  • Warranties
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Safety Management

  • Pre-Task Planning
  • Observations
  • Inspections
  • Incidents
  • Compliance
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  • Percent Plan Complete
  • Multi-Source Executive Reporting
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  • Mobile Field Services Apps
  • SOP Management
  • Document Management
  • Recruiting and HR

...and More


Tailoring ProCore to your needs uncovers actionable insights, optimizing project flow and efficiency.


Our ProCore customization ensures seamless design collaboration, minimizing errors and aligning visions.

VeilSun ProCore low-code apps are designed to bring actionable data to light.

Even the most powerful platform leaves your most important data in the dark - unless it’s designed for how you use it. 

That’s why we build with your use case in mind - helping you take advantage of ProCore’s features to hone in on actionable data that you can use to enhance your analytics and streamline your operations.


Customizing ProCore boosts your project's safety standards and compliance through focused enhancements


Enhancing ProCore's mobile use elevates field productivity, enabling real-time communication and updates.

See VeilSun in action.

Check out how our clients have utilized our rapid app development and ProCore expertise in their fields.


Katchmark Construction consolidated multiple disjointed systems by adopting a unified CRM solution.

We collaborated with Katchmark Construction to engineer a QuickBase application that enhanced their project management and sales processes, yielding annual savings and efficiency improvements.

Their custom low-code solution facilitated real-time updates, fostered team collaboration, and replaced several inefficient, isolated systems with a single, streamlined platform.

See case study

Katchmark building

Build a better process with
ProCore + low-code.

It’s time your software started working for you. Schedule a discovery call today to discuss how a ProCore-powered custom low-code app can help reduce complexity and clean up your construction planning and resourcing infrastructure.



What is ProCore?

ProCore is a comprehensive construction management platform designed to streamline project operations, improve communication, and enhance overall project efficiency. Its key features include project management, quality and safety tools, design coordination, financials, field productivity, and collaboration across all project stakeholders.

How does ProCore ensure the safety and quality of my projects?

ProCore offers dedicated modules for managing quality and safety plans, including incident reporting and safety observations. These tools help maintain high standards, ensure compliance with safety regulations, and reduce accidents on the job site, contributing to a safer and higher quality construction project.

Can ProCore integrate with other software and tools I am already using?

Yes, ProCore features over 500 integrations and apps in its marketplace, allowing you to connect a wide range of tools and services directly with the platform. This flexibility lets you tailor ProCore to your specific needs, whether that's for analytics, customer relationship management, or custom reporting.

How does VeilSun enhance the capabilities of ProCore for my projects?

VeilSun unlocks the full potential of ProCore through low-code custom application development, enhancing its core capabilities with tailored functionalities. From sophisticated reporting tools and enhanced project visibility to seamless integrations with other software, VeilSun crafts solutions that make ProCore work even harder for your specific project needs.

What makes VeilSun different from other ProCore low-code developers?

VeilSun stands out by not only being expert technologists with deep ProCore knowledge but also by operating with a business-savvy approach, ensuring alignment through a technology blueprint in the development process. VeilSun commits to partnering with clients through the entire process, offering tailored solutions and dedicated support beyond mere implementation.

How do I start with VeilSun and ProCore for my next app project need?

Getting started is easy. Contact VeilSun for a consultation to discuss your project needs. Our team will walk you through how ProCore, enhanced with VeilSun’s custom low-code solutions, can be implemented to streamline your operations, enhance project outcomes, and ultimately, transform the way you manage construction projects.

Have additional questions? Book a discovery call to discuss more.

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