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Rapid & custom low-code
app development

Our Rapid Application Development team specializes in cloud app development tools,
services, platforms, and custom solutions that uniquely fit your needs.

Custom low-code solutions for today's top companies.

Why low code?
Because complex
problems don't require complex solutions.

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Software should solve, not cause, your most frustrating problems.  With our low-code approach, we help you innovate faster, reduce development costs, and enhance your operations - without the complexity.  
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Our Rapid App Development team handles the development so you can focus on your business goals.  

Why low code?

Complex Problems Don’t Require Complex Solutions.

Software should solve, not cause, your most frustrating problems.  With our low-code approach, we help you innovate faster, reduce development costs, and enhance your operations - without the complexity

Our Rapid App Development team handles the development so you can focus on your business goals.

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I was continuously impressed by the Quickbase expertise, problem-solving skills and dedication that they brought to the table. They quickly became a part of our team, understanding our vision and working hand in hand with us to find creative solutions to challenges that came up along the way.

Gina Volk, Nextel Brazil

Alignment starts with a technology blueprint.

Just as a custom-built home requires a blueprint, a mission-critical application demands a well-thought-out plan.
We put ourselves in your shoes – learning what you need and how our team can build the perfect solution.

Discover and define Discover and define

Assess and design Assess and design

Plan and align Plan and align

We're partners from start to finish.

With the Technology Blueprint in hand, our team will build and deliver a solution in record time. But we don’t stop there.
Our Rapid App Development team works with you to integrate, adopt, and adapt your low code software.

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We rapidly build high value workflow applications integrated with the leading software you already use.

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Great software isn't enough. We are experts at guiding your organization to actually adopt the app.

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We keep your Low Code environment relevant to the evolving needs of your organization.

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Calendar icon PLANNING

At the root of our low-code applications is a focus on helping your plan and schedule efficiently.

Roadmap icon WORK

Keep everyone on the same page with customized work management apps.

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Your systems should work for you, not against you. Our low-code apps enhance your resource management capabilities.

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Avoid risk and enhance your operations with low-code apps built with safety in mind.

Start building with low-code.

Low-code case studies


Katchmark Construction consolidated multiple disjointed systems by adopting a unified CRM solution.

We collaborated with Katchmark Construction to engineer a QuickBase application that enhanced their project management and sales processes, yielding annual savings and efficiency improvements.

Their custom low-code solution facilitated real-time updates, fostered team collaboration, and replaced several inefficient, isolated systems with a single, streamlined platform.

See case study

Katchmark building

Geisinger Health Plan replaced two $100,000 compliance systems with a single custom software

We partnered with Geisinger to develop a QuickBase app that streamlined their compliance workflows, saving them over $200,000 annually. 

The customized low-code software improved response times, enhanced collaboration, and replaced two costly management systems.

See case study

Geisinger building


RDS manages 300% growth with VeilSun

RDS had a good recipe for success with outstanding delivery and an innovative way to introduce customers to their products and services. They needed a system to drive this innovation.

See case study

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The closest you'll get to
guaranteed success.


What is low-code development and how does it work?

Low-code development is a software development approach that enables the creation of applications through visual interfaces and minimal coding. It simplifies the development process, making it accessible for developers of all skill levels to quickly design, develop, and deploy applications.

Can low-code development platforms be used for enterprise applications?

Yes, low-code development platforms are highly scalable and can be used to build robust enterprise applications. They support complex business processes, integrate with existing systems, and comply with security standards, making them suitable for large-scale business environments.

How do low-code and no-code development differ?

Low-code development allows for minimal coding to customize applications, targeting both professional developers and business users. No-code development, on the other hand, is designed for users without any coding knowledge, using pre-built templates and drag-and-drop interfaces to create applications.

Is low-code development secure for my business?

Modern low-code platforms prioritize security, offering features like role-based access control, data encryption, and compliance with industry standards. They provide a secure development environment that protects your business data and applications.

Can VeilSun integrate custom software with existing apps?

Low-code platforms offer extensive integration capabilities, allowing businesses to connect their new applications with existing databases, systems, and APIs. This enables a seamless flow of information and enhances the overall functionality and efficiency of business processes.

How does low-code development speed up digital transformation?

Low-code development accelerates digital transformation by enabling faster application development and deployment. It reduces the complexity of the development process, allowing businesses to quickly adapt to market changes, innovate, and meet evolving customer needs.

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