Build a custom ERP with Quickbase and QuickBooks at a fraction of the cost

QuickBooks is the world’s most popular accounting software. VeilSun can help you combine Quickbase with QuickBooks Desktop or QuickBooks Online to build a robust end-to-end process at a fraction of the cost of an ERP.

In general, accounting systems are excellent at providing a general ledger and system of record, However they are not always as good at managing all the processes and project management aspects of accounting that the business requires.

An integration between QuickBooks and Quickbase is one of the best ways to bridge this gap. This powerful integration helps ‘marry’ the ongoing business process with accounting best practices. This includes things like using milestones to trigger invoices, tracking against budgeted time in QuickBooks within Quickbase, adding invoices directly in Quickbase, and leveraging Quickbase and Netsuite integrations for enterprise projects.

Common integrated processes with Quickbase and QuickBooks:

  • Sales team manages opportunities and activities in Quickbase. When a new opportunity or product is sold, an invoice is created in QuickBooks.
  • Estimators build complex quotes in Quickbase. Estimate goes through an approval process and is sent to customer via Quickbase. When the job is sold, purchase orders to vendors are created in QuickBooks.
  • New vendors are onboarded through Quickbase. Once a vendor is approved, that vendor, along with all of its information stored in Quickbase (such as contracts, documentation, pricing, etc.) is added to QuickBooks.
  • Team enters their time against a project budget in Quickbase. Time is synced with QuickBooks so that payroll can be run.
  • Payments received on a job in QuickBooks are synced to Quickbase. This allows Project Managers or Sales Team to ensure on-time payment.
  • General ledger in QuickBooks is synced into Quickbase. Cash flow reporting and projections are seamlessly integrated.
  • Price lists in QuickBooks are brought into Quickbase. Facilitates accurate estimates or invoices.

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Whether you want to build business transformative processes around your general ledger, or create a robust ERP at a fraction of the cost, let VeilSun help you integrate Quickbase with QuickBooks for powerful results.