Transitioning from Access to Quickbase

With Microsoft retiring Access in April 2018, the Access community is looking for a different solution. Quickbase fits the bill. Quickbase is essentially the same as Microsoft Access — only it’s in the cloud and has additional benefits:

Advantages of Quickbase vs. Access:

  • Access was single developer focused, whereas Quickbase is more of a collaborative environment.
  • Access takes some query skills that Quickbase doesn't. You don’t need to be highly technical to create reports in Quickbase.
  • Quickbase was designed to be in the cloud and has been there for 20 years.
  • Access often required visual basic developers, Quickbase doesn’t.
  • It’s easier to add, update and change information on Quickbase than Access.
  • Quickbase allows you to create and customize forms and fields that can be tailored exactly to business needs.
  • Quickbase ad hoc reporting allows you to slice and dice information in multiple ways that help to serve different audiences.
  • Quickbase can easily integrate with all Microsoft documents as well.

Tailor Quickbase to Your Workflow

VeilSun can help you transfer information from Access to Quickbase. Moving from Access is an opportunity to look at your business workflow and our Technology Blueprint Process is ideally suited to facilitate this as well.

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