How you work with your customers is your competitive advantage. Don’t let your CRM or project management software get in the way.

Every company is unique — even those in the same industry. These unique differences help your company excel past the competition. These differences also make out-of-the-box CRM and Project Management systems unworkable because they force your users to conform to software limitations or find expensive workarounds such as Microsoft Excel.

The result? Unhappy users, inefficient processes and poor management reporting.

Quickbase project management designed to match your workflows

With Quickbase, VeilSun can quickly build CRM and Project Management applications that work the way you do so you can maintain your competitive advantage. It also allows us to continually adapt your application at the speed in which your business changes.

Think of Quickbase as a series of building blocks that can be pieced together to build your dream application:

Custom Workflow

Account, Contact, and Opportunity Management


Proposal Generation

Real-time Job Costing

Task Management

Gantt and Work Breakdown Structure

Time and Expense Entry

Real-time Entry Mobile Entry


Risk Management

...and whatever else your team can dream up

Design custom workflows that map to your processes and set automations so projects run like clockwork.

Manage your approvals, orders, trouble tickets, and more with smart forms that trigger data updates and actions. Once set up, your automated workflow software runs as designed and there’s no need to worry about dropped processes or ignored steps. And because our apps help managers eliminate repetitive tasks, your team can focus on what it does best.

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