Extend the Capabilities of Quickbase Through Custom Application Development

Quickbase is a scalable platform is designed for business and IT leaders. Its flexible design makes it a valuable tool for creating apps for virtually any department or function. However, when off-the-shelf Quickbase Applications aren’t quite enough, VeilSun can extend its capabilities with a quick response to your most urgent problems.

With VeilSun you can rapidly build, configure and roll out agile applications to solve complex business problems. Quickbase apps span a variety of different departments within an organization, including:

  • Project management
  • Sales
  • HR
  • Accounting
  • Marketing
  • Real estate

Examples of apps that can be built on Quickbase:

  • Project Management
    • Task time, projects time tracking, job costing, forecasting, inventory,
    • Supply chain
    • Planning
    • Forecasting resources
    • Management scheduling
    • Project management is applicable to everyone. Everyone is running a project.
  • Sales
    • Leads, sales, commissions, rep productivity tracking
    • Sales forecasting
    • Custom dashboards
    • Enter sales activities
  • Human Resources
    • Recruiting records
    • HR/employee assets (track offer letters, agreements, etc.),
    • Training,
    • HR files (development of employees, salary history, etc.)
  • Accounting
    • Helpful tools a Controller might need as a complement to standard accounting systems
    • Job costing, membership dues, or things counting systems might not track
    • Auditing processes
    • SOX compliance
    • Overall audit management
  • Marketing:
    • Productivity of campaigns and projects
    • Marketing assets,
    • Timelines, time tracking,, calendaring.
    • Task coordination and handoffs
  • Real estate,
    • Site tracking for major chains (i.e. Wal Mart)

Deliver ROI Faster with the Right App

VeilSun’s experienced team of Quickbase developers can build and deploy custom app solutions quickly and seamlessly, to deliver ROI faster and reduce your valuable resource requirements.

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