We're Gantt Experts

Do you want a Gantt solution customized to fit your exact processes? We can help. Whether the native Quickbase Gantt is the right solution or you're looking for more robust functionality, we'll get you set up with the Gantt you need. 

We Can Integrate Anything

Do you have a great idea for a Quickbase integration? We can make it a reality. We’ve performed hundreds of successful integrations with both leading edge and legacy software. In 18+ years of working in Quickbase, we haven’t yet found something we couldn’t integrate.

We’ll Do It Right the First Time

Working with experts means you don’t have to worry about whether your Quickbase Gantt will meet your project needs. We’ll get it up and running quickly, effectively and without expensive delays. You’ll have streamlined business processes without the headache.

We’ll Get It Done Fast

Quickbase may be a low-code, user-friendly platform, but that doesn’t mean everyone has the skillset to implement a fully-functional Gantt. We do. We've helped hundreds of clients streamline their project management with Gantt, and we can get yours implemented in a fraction of the time.

How does QGantt compare with standard Quickbase functionality?

The new Quickbase Gantt chart feature offers robust functionality, but it may not meet all of your project management needs. Our Gantt plugin is infinitely customizable and fits into any existing Quickbase architecture. You won't have to start from scratch to get QGantt to fit your app, your process and your project's needs.
Able to implement in ANY Quickbase Architecture
Unlimited Customization
Resource Management
Full set of dependency types (Start-to-Finish, Finish-to-Start, Start-to-Start, Finish-to-Finish)
Dynamic Filtering
Multiple Task Owners
Various Project Zooms
Keyword Search
Intra-Project Dependencies
Drag and Drop Task Management
Critical Path
In-Line Task Editing
Sub-Task Rollup
Infinite Work Breakdown Structure
Smart Duration Calculator
Work & Holiday Calendar
Schedule-Based Job Costing
Milestone Management
Lead/Lag & Constraint
Project Slack
Project Baselines
Project Templates
Concurrent Users
Import from Excel
Export to Excel
Import/Export MS Project
Print to .pdf

We’ve Worked with Hundreds of Clients to Improve Their Project Management

Improve business operations. Make scheduling a breeze. Get exactly what you need – without having to wait. We'll help you implement the right Gantt for your needs and gain control over your projects.


Streamline Processes with a Gantt Made for You

We’ve achieved Quickbase Elite Partner status for a reason – we do an exceptional job of helping our clients maximize their Quickbase investment. Built to fit any Quickbase architecture, QGantt is also endlessly customizable, so you'll get exactly the Gantt you need.


About VeilSun

We’re a business consulting and web platform firm that believes in building apps that solve immediate problems and provide long-term value. We’re a Quickbase Elite Partner with 18 years of Quickbase expertise. Our team of top solution architects go beyond traditional consulting to create the most complex business process improvement applications for clients in every vertical around the world.

What Our Clients Have To Say

The big-picture view and suggestions for the best way architecturally for it all to come together has been extremely valuable to have. VeilSun is always willing to listen to new ideas and help strategize to solve the problem, and really take time to understand the business needs/processes. I appreciate the dedication to ensuring documentation on all features which are released and changed, as well as the flexibility the whole team has shown with changing scope throughout the iterative development.


Melissa Cunningham


Taking existing business processes within our company to automate aspects of inefficiencies, redundancies, and manual entry is still relatively new within our industry. Quickbase has proven to be a successful user interface for the various end users we have. Many times I’ve found myself bringing ideas, questions, or requests to the Veilsun team and they’ve been outstanding in helping me identify the best path forward. In addition, they’ve helped with the heavy lifting required to push existing data into Quickbase and get everything going quickly. Truly I cannot say enough great things about the Veilsun Team. They will help you realize the full capabilities with Quickbase and expose you to more than what is readily available through trainings, etc.


Allison Lewey


VeilSun has been a terrific partner in executing my vision for a variety of applications providing valuable insight based on their experiences and prior solutions. The solutions being provided are architecturally built for future growth along with an intuitive UI which helps drive adoption. I'm looking forward to working with VeilSun in applying the next generation of Quickbase functionality to our existing and future applications.


Jim Vernot


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