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James CosmanDec 11, 2017 2:57:00 PM2 min read

Why You Should Hire an External Quickbase Developer


We’ve talked about it a million times before, but it bears repeating: the goal of every company is to get as much quality work done as they can as efficiently and cost effectively as possible. VeilSun understands that perhaps better than anyone. After all, that’s the whole reason Quickbase was invented in the first place. So, it makes sense for you to bring a developer on full time in house, right? Well, not so fast. This blog will take a look at that idea along with some of the benefits of outsourcing your Quickbase development. 


Let’s start by looking at a common scenario that shows why most companies decide to bring a developer in house in the first place. Company X starts using Quickbase via a third-party developer and falls in love with what it can do. Suddenly, they get a bright idea: “why pay an external person when I can hire someone in house for the same or less?” Company X then finds their own full-time Quickbase developer (who may or may not be certified). As it turns out, that person is only focused on one thing, like IT. And, while they can create something cool in Quickbase, they can’t do it while also paying attention to the business aspect and workflow.

The result? Because the in-house developer doesn’t give any thought to larger architecture or the goals of the business owners, they end up just hacking things together to work around it or say it’s not possible. Symptomatically, things start going wrong because they don’t understand the underlying data, architecture, and how it works in alignment with the business. Things keep breaking and eventually it resembles less of the business. Consequently, Quickbase doesn’t get the adoption they’d hoped for. And, suddenly, Quickbase doesn’t bring as much value any more.

The final straw happens when the developer then leaves. The entirety of their company’s Quickbase knowledge exited with that one person. We’ve seen this exact scenario happen time and again. We end up retraining people on their own system for that loss of knowledge. The question becomes: do you want to put all of your eggs in that one basket?

Again, from experience, we can tell you you don’t. VeilSun provides the redundancy you need so not all of the work falls on one person. Just look at this list of all of the different skillsets needed for Quickbase to work successfully:

  • Interaction designer
  • Developer
  • Project manager
  • System analyst
  • Architect
  • Designer
  • Integrator
  • Data analyst / Database skill

You’re never going to get that in one person. But you can get that in a single company like VeilSun. We may have a single point of contact, but we have a whole team behind it.

We understand how to utilize varied skillsets to integrate to other systems, optimize workflows and manage adoption and governing of Quickbase in your organization. Ultimately, we’ll give you:

  • Best practices
  • Add ons you can’t do in house
  • Economies of scale
  • More done with less
It’s clear that outsourcing your Quickbase development is the smart choice. That's why we're always here to help. You can learn more here or contact us at any time!