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Richard CrumFeb 19, 2018 5:21:00 PM2 min read

3 Reasons Why Quick Base Is Incredible Enterprise Software

If you’ve read any of our blogs, it’s abundantly clear that Quick Base is a Swiss Army knife of functionality for small to mid-size businesses. And yet, we find it really interesting (and more than a little perplexing, honestly) that a number of potential enterprise clients question whether or not Quick Base is a viable enterprise option. As you can probably guess from this blog’s title, we’re going to set the record straight by dispelling a few of the most common objections enterprises have when it comes to Quick Base. Three of the most frequent objections we hear concern security, control/governance, and continuity planning.

Before we get to the specific common objections, we thought we’d address some of the bigger picture reasons of why Quick Base isn’t considered by enterprises. For starters, enterprises tend to view Quick Base as a gap filler, versus being a self-contained, “do-it-all” software solution. Make no mistake about it, Quick Base has let small to mid-size companies create front to back systems. And, because Quick Base can be self built, it easily scales for the needs of enterprises.

(Alright, just wanted to make that clear. Now, on to the objections…)

  1. Security
    Not surprisingly, this one is easily refuted. We’ve seen firsthand Quick Base being successfully used by Fortune 10 companies. Full stop. Needless to say, if it can hold up to their rigorous security standards, Quick Base is probably viable for your enterprise’s needs. If nothing else, Quick Base is certainly more secure than a spreadsheet. The truth is, Quick Base more than holds up to Enterprise standards any day.
  2. Control/Governance
    When it comes control and governance, one of the first questions asked is: how much work is it for IT to implement and maintain? In short, Quick Base requires minimal facilitation, primarily because end users can learn it to build spreadsheets on their own. Quick Base brings so much value to business as it creates more tracking, allowing enterprises to always know where their data is going. Quick Base centralizes data even more with light governance. In the end, IT feels good because everything is controlled and monitored without stifling innovation.
  3. Continuity planning/disaster
    Another big question enterprises want answered comes in the area of risk mitigation of their data. In short, they want to know what if something happens?! For starters, you don’t have to host it, creating less work for IT. Quick Base easily supports business continuity if a server goes down, someone leaves a company, etc. So, instead of information being buried, Quick Base makes it all that much more accessible.

As a closing thought, enterprises also often want to know what kind of time is required to support Quick Base? Again, the answer is simple: it’s easily updated by end users and can be centrally controlled through their realm.

And, that’s it! All of you enterprises out there reading this, we hope we’ve successfully laid some of your biggest fears to rest. However, if you still have questions about what’s possible, please don’t hesitate to get in to contact with us. We’d love to chat!