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Richard CrumOct 1, 2021 2:43:00 PM4 min read

Why It's Great to Work for VeilSun

At VeilSun, our people power our success. We’ve worked hard to create a company culture that keeps work fun, interesting and, above all, supportive. 

We’re a fast-growing company not just because we offer exceptional services to our clients, but also because we know that the best way to ensure great work is by starting with a great work environment.

Just ask our team.

Like Working with Family

"Veilsun is like working with your family, except without the family drama and if every member of your family was an older sibling that always has your back. I've never worked with such an intelligent, supportive and hard working group of people, and it would be fair to say I love working for VeilSun!"  Mike W

From the top down, we leave politics and territoriality at the door. That kind of thing makes work toxic and doesn’t serve anyone in the long run. Instead, our team focuses on helping each other and working together to achieve success. 

We choose honest behavior over short-term gains in all of our interactions. That means we treat everyone with respect and make sure we’re maintaining a collaborative work environment.

Never the Same Day Twice

“I love working for VeilSun because there is space to be creative and figure things out myself, but I also have a great support net in case I get stuck or need another set of eyes. Together, we can tackle anything.” – Dan L

VeilSun isn’t the place for anyone comfortable with monotony. Our work spans every major industry, which means we’re constantly tackling new challenges and finding new opportunities to grow and learn.

For one thing, we’re always on the lookout for opportunities to improve efficiency and increase ROI for our customers. For another, we get to work with people in diverse fields – from healthcare to construction, financial services to manufacturing. That means we’re always encountering new perspectives and opportunities for innovation.

Always Looking for the Win-Win

“I was on a path of job hopping every two years, because I thought the grass was always greener. When I hit that point with VeilSun, Rich and James were willing to partner with me in a capacity that allowed for major growth. The end result of their willingness to go above and beyond is that I have been with the company for over 7 years and have been allowed to speak into other employees' lives and positions, to 'pay forward' the growth I've received. I've never worked for a company where the owners were as deeply invested in the personal growth of their employees as they are the professional growth.” – Ben L

Whether it’s specific training programs they want to pursue or a career trajectory pivot, we are always looking for the win-win for our people. More likely than not, what’s good for the individual is good for the company if we work together to figure things out.

So, we take a holistic approach to supporting our team. That means offering programs and opportunities that align with our team’s needs both personally and professionally. In reality, the line between personal and professional growth is always going to be blurry at best. Collective growth requires personal growth. We’re interested in long-term planning and setting goals to help our people and company grow together.

Grounded in Solid Values

 “I believe that much of our success comes from our team culture. In 2021 Veilsun has taken time to promote and reward some of our cultural values including: practical innovation, transparency, respect, and mindfulness. For each, we nominate team members who best represent our values. This has allowed us to celebrate our distinguished colleagues as well as see our individual impact – which has yielded new confidence in the team.” – Zack S

Our core values aren’t just buzzwords. We make sure to keep our company’s values front and center. Building an environment on that solid foundation is one of the key factors in our success. 

Whether it’s our internal operations or client-facing work, everything we do is built through:

  • Practical Innovation
  • Respect
  • Happiness
  • Transparency
  • Mindfulness
  • Performance Excellence
  • Integrity


We Get Stuff Done!

“The people, every person at VeilSun cares about excellence, empathy, and creating world class solutions.” – Mike M

It’s our goal to consistently deliver beyond our clients’ expectations. To do that, we know we need to offer the kind of work flexibility and efficiency that people need to get their work done. We don’t hold meetings just for the sake of holding a meeting, and we push for efficiency for both our clients and with our own work. Our products and solutions are designed to release people from unnecessary tasks so they can realize their true value in their organizations.

Join Our Team

Want to innovate, free people from boring tasks and shape the future? We’re a growing team looking for additional awesome humans to help us succeed. The work is always interesting and the people are amazing. If you like solving problems, being part of a supportive team and growing your career, we’d love to chat.

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