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Deidre NelsonOct 9, 2013 4:23:00 PM2 min read

When is a Custom Quick Base Project Complete? Advice From The Pros

Building software customizable to your business needs is like building a custom home. You’ve got the blueprints and materials you’ll need, the crew to build it, and a timeframe when it should be ready to move in. After living in your new home, you may realize a few things that didn’t quite work out as planned. For instance, having that small office nook right next to the downstairs bathroom everyone uses probably wasn’t such a great idea after all; or the kitchen cabinet knobs you chose just don’t quite look as awesome as you dreamed up in your head (you mean all gold plated knobs clash with my stainless steel appliances?! WHAT?).

One of the great things about custom software, is that since it is configurable depending on how you need/want it to work, you don’t have to be stuck with what you’ve initially architected, or even worse, bought something pre-built that only suits some of your needs. When you start fully utilizing your system, you may realize there is a more efficient method to do something or would like to make some minor tweaks to make it more user friendly. Luckily, you have that option with your customizable Quickbase application, right?

Then there’s enhancements. You’ve got your house built. You’ve been living in it for a while, and now you’re thinking of adding in that swimming pool you’ve always wanted since you were a kid. With custom software, enhancements and integrations that might not have been a necessity at the beginning, but more of a “nice to have”, could now be looking pretty promising on the horizon. That amazing scheduling calendar with Outlook integration you weren’t quite sure about at first now seems to be just the enhancement you want to schedule your employees for assignments during the week. Having the ability to implement these enhancements when you’re ready later down the road when it’s more financially feasible or you’re more comfortable with the system in place is always better than throwing in something you may not need/want later.

The answer to the question, when is your customizable software complete? Never. Many plan for their business to grow. When this happens needs expand as well. Keeping the option to adjust your system to your growing business should be an important factor when choosing a product. Would you choose to build a home with two bedrooms, but plan to have five kids?