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Richard CrumJul 27, 2018 12:27:00 AM2 min read

VeilSun Receives Quick Base Gold Partner Award

As you know, we’re never ones to toot our own horn. However, sometimes outside entities intervene to give us confirmation that our quality-first approach is working. And that’s just what happened recently. VeilSun is (humbly) proud to announce we just received the Quick Base Gold Partner Award—an honor given to only five solution providers in the world. As with everything associated with Quick Base, winning this prestigious designation meant hitting a long list of quality performance indicators.Screen Shot 2018-07-27 at 12.40.42 AM

Check them out:
  • Complete an up-to-date Profile in QSP Central
  • Reviews (Gold- 12 minimum, Silver-8 minimum, Registered QSP-5 minimum)
  • Ratings (Gold- 4-star average minimum, Silver and Registered- 3-star average minimum)
  • Quick Base Presence on Partner Website
  • Attend Monthly Calls
  • Certified Expert Quick Base Builders
  • Register sales & service opportunities

And that’s not all. Quick Base obviously cares about the number of active users we engage in 2018. Typically, an ‘active user’ is defined as users who are actively doing something using the system. It’s an important distinction because, in some cases, companies may be paying for user seats but not using them. And increases can come by utilizing those user seats or through gains made via sales. According to that metric, we scored in the top 5. Overall, it shows our expertise in moving our customers forward.

Now, we know what you’re probably saying. “That’s great, but what’s that all mean for your clients?” Great question. We’re glad you asked. It means we’re building relevant solutions for our clients that they’re actively using in their business. It also means we’re solving the right problems for our clients which means a greater adoption. Finally, it means we work side-by-side with them to ensure they get buy-in within their organization to leverage their investment in these workflow processes.

We’re really grateful to our clients for the great recognition and reviews that recognized the team for the relationships we build for our clients that are much more than technology. Every day, we strive to help them achieve their goals and endeavors. Take Vumatel as a recent example. We helped engineer their processes in an effort to impact how they do business. As you can see at that link, it seems to have worked.

We’re truly honored by this award and we’re really grateful Quick Base recognizes how focused we are on the experiences of our clients working with us.