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Rich BeanumFeb 7, 2022 12:53:00 PM3 min read

VeilSun Achieves Elite Quickbase Partner Status

Quickbase is an incredibly agile low-code platform designed for ease of use. Nevertheless, users can benefit greatly from outside expertise in customizing their applications. That’s why Quickbase created a certified Quickbase Partner program – to ensure users know who to turn to for help, and get the maximum value for their investment.

Recently, Quickbase updated the program to create new rankings for its solution providers. VeilSun is proud to announce that we’ve achieved the highest possible rank: Elite status.

The Highest Rank

A long-standing Quickbase Gold Partner, we’re thrilled to maintain the highest rank in the new system. It means we've continued to save our clients time and money on their custom Quickbase applications.

Similar to the previous system, the new Quickbase partner rankings are designed to recognize the quality of partnership offered by solution providers. The Elite status, however, is just as it sounds – elite. Veilsun is one of a very exclusive group of solution providers worldwide granted this distinction.

“We’re so proud of our company and team for achieving this honor. With more than 18 years of QSP experience, we’ve made it our mission to ensure our clients are maximizing the value of Quickbase – building apps that solve immediate problems and provide long-term value. This status demonstrates our commitment to providing a high return on investment for our clients and keeping their apps continually up-to-date.” James Cosman, Managing Partner

The prestigious designation requires solution providers to attain a long list of quality performance indicators. Importantly, these metrics include a high rating from a large number of customer reviews. Elite partners must have a demonstrated record of excellence working with clients to help them realize the full power of the Quickbase platform.

Excellent Reviews

VeilSun consistently ranks among the top-reviewed Quickbase solution providers, and we have been repeatedly selected as the Solution Provider of the Year. Here are just a few of the things our customers have recently had to say about us and the services we provide.

Workflow with Ease

"Veilsun has provided expert technical assistance with upgrading our Quickbase platform and individual applications to the next level. Always providing top-notch service, expert knowledge, and friendly assistance. I highly recommend Veilsun to any QB developer and will continue using their support services to add new features, make old features better and to streamline more work processes allowing our users a better interactive experience and the ability to track workflow with ease." – Brett Paulson, SafeBuilt, October 1, 2021

Fantastic Partner

"Veilsun has been absolutely fantastic to work with. We were moving from a very disjointed and paper/excel heavy process into QB. Veilsun helped us to navigate and overcome many of our technical and complex system challenges. Our Project Manager, Marty, took the time to deep dive and truly understand our processes and delivered a fantastic solution tailored for our needs. If you are looking for a true partner we could not recommend Veilsun more." Emma Lenk, Blackhawk Network, August 24, 2021

A Valued Quickbase Partner

At VeilSun, our team of solution architects solves business challenges facing the top companies in every major industry. As a Quickbase Elite Partner, we’re incredibly well positioned to serve our clients’ needs – big or small. We’ve got a growing portfolio of new clients and use cases that mean we’re always tackling new challenges, building new tools and finding new ways to bring value to our customers.

This achievement marks another milestone in our journey toward delivering top-tier, value-based innovation in the Quickbase marketplace.

To discuss your current application or brainstorm future Quickbase projects, contact us for a free consultation!