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James CosmanMay 14, 2020 10:55:00 PM3 min read

Simple Solutions for Improving Remote Work Capabilities

Across the globe, businesses are scrambling to adapt to the radical shifts in daily living brought on by the COVID-19 pandemic. As most of us have experienced first-hand, transitioning to a virtual work environment can disrupt business processes and your overall efficiency. 

Don’t let the transition to remote work derail your business entirely. While you may not have had systems in place that are easily adaptable to the new work-from-home realities, you don’t have to invest in expensive or tremendously complicated new software programs. There are many tools and strategies you can quickly implement to get your company set up for remote work.

At VeilSun, we’re committed to providing solutions that are adaptable to your business’s needs and easy to implement. Our solutions are cloud-based, so there’s no need for workers to install software on their devices. Our solutions are also user-friendly, so you won’t have to slow everyone down further with cumbersome training sessions.

In short, we’re business efficiency experts and have many pre-built solutions that can improve workflows, create collaboration for remote teams and solve many different organizational challenges for small and large businesses. 

Here are just some of the solutions we can offer to improve your remote work efficiency:

Perform a Quickbase App Check Up to Maximize Efficiency

You’re likely relying on your business apps more than ever right now. Let us help you perform a Quickbase app check up to manage, fine tune and audit your applications and ensure they’re running at full performance. By reviewing the full functionality of your application, we can help ensure your app can scale and adapt to your business’s evolving needs.

Easily Manage Timesheets Online

Conceptually built like a paper timesheet, our timesheet app solution makes it easy to see all your tasks and timesheets in one place. QTimesheets is by far the best project management timesheet app available. This user-friendly cloud app allows for budget tracking, batch entry, forecasting and more. It’s perfect for employee timesheets, project timesheets, marketing initiatives or budget tracking.

Automatically Add Tasks and Line Items to Project Plans or Invoices

Simplify the creation of your project management plans, invoices, estimates, or task lists. QAutomate is a versatile tool that allows users to automatically generate tasks and items in forms or project lists. By populating repetitive tasks into a project or adding standard line items into a document, it’s an ideal tool for managing things like estimates and invoicing, project plans, and task lists.

Strategize Next Steps with Virtual Pull Planning

Built as a tool for lean construction project management, QLean is a digital pull planning tool that will help you easily adjust to changing timelines. Lead a virtual pull planning session and work together to move faster and give your trades real-time access into what’s going on. Pull planning with QLean offers continuous collaboration and execution through the lifespan of a project — at an incredibly affordable rate. 

Ensure Scheduling Alignment Between People and Resources

Partner your project management software with a quality business scheduling and calendaring solution to make sure everyone and everything is one the same page. QScheduler creates an easy interface to drag & drop schedules for people, resources, events, or anything else. As long as it is in a database, it can be used. It’s a simple, customizable and fully integrated solution designed to merge scheduling needs with project management best practices.

See the Big Picture with Drag and Drop Gantt Charts

Gantt charts allow you to visually map tasks that are scheduled over time — an essential tool for getting a clear sense of how a project will unfold. Gantt charts and timelines let you quickly see when tasks start and end, how long they will take in relation to other tasks, who is working on which tasks, and how tasks overlap. With QGantt you can expand the capabilities of Quickbase to incorporate an interactive drag and drop Gantt interface and easily create an overview of your projects and their dependencies.

Let Us Find A Solution for You

Still not sure where to start? We’re here to help. These are just some of our pre-built solutions, and we’re ready to help you find or develop the tool you need. Book a free 1:1 consultation with an experienced consultant to explore solutions specific to your business.