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James CosmanOct 25, 2017 6:04:00 PM1 min read

Quick Base and NetSuite Integration : Tips From The Pros

As Quick Base experts and evangelists, VeilSun is always looking for ways to help other businesses use Quick Base to drive productivity. This post will show you a few scenarios on how you can integrate Quick Base, NetSuite and Workato to get more done in less time while also saving money.

NetSuite is a popular enterprise accounting package that helps businesses managenetsuite-logo-600x500 their general ledger, send invoices, receive payments, create new vendors, pay bills and much more. With so much functionality comes a natural level of complexity, and with that complexity comes rising costs for integration. Thankfully, Workato features connectors that allow NetSuite to be easily integrated to Quick Base—and at much lower costs.

As a real-world example, Quick Base and NetSuite integration becomes very useful when considering the approval process an invoice has to go through before you pay a vendor. When the vendor sends an invoice with a PO #, someone has to check that invoice against the PO #. Then, someone confirms the work has been done before issuing payment. This is a good process to manage in Quick Base because it’s tricky getting the data to sync up. Along with several other integration points, NetSuite vendors have to be in set up in Quick Base. Quick Base not only lets you manage the actual process, but it also hosts that data into NetSuite.

Another example of easy integration comes when looking at the purchase order process. Quick Base is invaluable in managing the onramping of new vendors. When you get a vendor you want to work with, you can track whole process in Quick Base, including getting documentation or contracts in place. Once they become a vendor, you issue a PO for the work they’re doing. And once the vendor goes through approval, we automatically create an invoice in Workato and the PO in Netsuite. That’s the power of Workato connectors. Two additional features of Workato’s Netsuite connector are Saves Searches, including Join fields, and support for Custom Segments.

Our expertise and the Workato connectors make implementing the normally complicated NetSuite integration process as easy and as seamless as possible, while also keeping costs low.