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Richard CrumSep 21, 2017 3:50:00 PM2 min read

7-point Quickbase Troubleshooting Check-up

Chances are you’ve had one of these happen to you at one point in time: Performance issues. Lag time. Pages or forms taking a long time to load. You can’t even pull reports. You just know Quickbase is failing you. We say…not so fast. Before you throw the baby out with the bathwater and dump Quickbase, take a step back and look at what’s actually going on. This post will help you assess your needs and show you how to fix it with a 7-point check up.


First, understand this: the problem you’re experiencing, whatever it is, is not Quickbase’s fault. Whether it’s a clunky workflow causing the user to use 10 clicks to do something that should take one, or a poorly designed UX that leaves a user at a loss of what they need to do, a problem is only a problem because the app was architected incorrectly. On the flip side of that revelation is: now that you know it’s in the app and not with Quickbase, you can figure out what’s going on so you can build a better application.

VeilSun has made this entire process very simple. With our 7-point check up, VeilSun’s App CheckUp ensures that your applications run at full performance and are ready to scale as your business grows.

Consider a Quick Base Check Up if:

  • Quickbase is core to the success of your team
  • You hear complaints from users that your app is “slow,” “clunky,” or “difficult to navigate”
  • You expect or currently have more than 35,000 records in a single table
  • Users are experiencing slow speeds in Quickbase, especially during peak usage hours
  • You are unsure you are fully utilizing all native or third-party Quickbase features
  • You have concerns that your application cannot scale with your business

Why should I get a Check Up?

  • Ensure your app scales and evolves with your growing business
  • Keep your app(s) running fast, even with large datasets
  • Ensure that you are taking advantage of the latest features Quick Base and third-parties have to offer

Here’s what our 7-point check up actually entails.

  1. Interview
    Perform a 1-hour interview with your team to understand your application, your goals, and possible problem areas 
  2. Document
    Fully document your application using Juiced Technologies’ QB Documentor tool, including an ER Diagram and Field Lists
  3. Architecture
    Analyze your application’s database architecture and document any potential problem areas
  4. Performance
    Analyze your data volume and run Intuit Quick Base's Performance Analyzer on high-usage tables in order to diagnose current and future performance problems
  5. Workflow
    Analyze your application’s workflow and document possible areas of improvement
  6. Feature Check
    Assess your application for under-utilized features and 3rd party Quickbase add-ons that could improve the performance, scalability, and look and feel of your application
  7. Provide Expert Consultation
    After we complete our assessment, a VeilSun Solution Architect will present a summary of our findings and provide high-value recommendations for your application

As you can see, our check up is thorough and designed to give you complete peace of mind that your app is in good hands. If you’d like to schedule your 7-point check up, go here.