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James CosmanMay 14, 2020 11:04:00 AM2 min read

Make Your Business Efficient and Adaptable for a Virtual Environment

Right now, we know it’s not business as usual. But, as your business continues to adapt its operations for continued remote work or a reduced staff reopening, this could be an opportunity to uncover new efficiencies. At VeilSun, we’re offering free Dream Sessions to help you evaluate four core areas of your business processes.

A Dream Session is an opportunity to collaborate 1:1 with an experienced Quick Base consultant to help you realize your Quick Base Dream. Together, we’ll examine what solutions apply specifically to your business challenges and can be deployed to help you have your most efficient year yet.

In a Dream Session, we can:

1. Assess the Architecture of Your Current Apps

Is your app’s database architecture still capturing the information you need and in a useful format for your business? During a Dream Session, we’ll discuss whether your app is enhancing your business processes or hindering them. As your business grows, your needs will change. We can help you make sure your apps are built to scale with your growth. 

2. Evaluate the Ecosystem of Your Workflow

Your tools are never more important than when your team relies completely on a virtual work environment. While your physical office has been closed, the critical elements of your workflow have likely been made clear. Are your apps properly supporting those processes? We can help you identify areas of improvement and build the solutions to help simplify your workflow and get your team the information you need as efficiently as possible. 

3. Audit Adoption & Create Strategies for How to Foster It

One of the universal truths in app production is that you can build the coolest app, but if people don't use it, it's a failure. Maybe adoption has never been as high as you’d like, or, maybe as your team has grown or turned over, on-boarding new users didn’t happen effectively. Whatever the reason, if the use of your apps isn’t near-universal in your organization, then they aren’t working for you at their full capacity. Let us help you troubleshoot adoption challenges and build new strategies for getting everyone on board.

4. Re-deploy Existing or Build New Solutions to Make Your Business More Adaptable for Continued Virtual Work

In the past two months since COVID-19 shut down the majority of physical workplaces, you’ve likely discovered some kinks that need working out for new, completely virtual, workflows. Your current apps might have been built with dependencies of in-person meetings to populate information or gain consensus. In a Dream Session, we’ll review your current and projected business needs. From there, we can evaluate whether your current apps can be tweaked to help you be more flexible or if there’s a new low-code solution you could deploy to ease your team’s burden of not being able to meet in person. 

Help Your Business Thrive in a Virtual Environment

Virtual collaboration is going to be a critical skill for any business looking to not just survive, but thrive in the current work environment. Let us help you future-proof your operations by ensuring you have the tools, the adoption and the processes you need to help your business perform faster and better than ever before.
Book your Dream Session with one of our experienced consultants today.