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James CosmanJun 22, 2023 2:22:00 PM3 min read

Transform Your Construction Processes with Procore & Quickbase

With over 3 million construction businesses in the United States alone, there are a lot of people out there navigating the same industry pain points – no matter what size or sector of the industry your company might fall under. Major companies, general contractors and tradespeople alike are all trying to get projects completed on budget and on time.

From safety concerns, to lean planning and invoicing concerns, you might be surprised to learn that updating your company’s software might be the answer to many of your problems. 

In this blog you will learn exactly how integration between Procore and Quickbase can manage all of these issues, plus increase productivity and profitability. 

First, let's start with the basics. What are the purposes of Procore and Quickbase, and what problems do they solve for?

10 years ago, many individuals might not have known what the Procore solution was. But fast forward to today, Procore is the industry leading construction management and resource platform.

Their solutions include options for everything from preconstruction, to insurance and project management. With clients in over 150 countries, it is no wonder why Procore has become THE name to know in the construction industry.

But with so many companies performing construction projects across the United States, there are bound to be some custom qualifications for the ~10 million different processes that exist across the industry. 

Where Quickbase Fits with Procore

Due to manual processes such as utilizing white boards and spreadsheets, many projects go over time and budget. With Quickbase and Porcore together, your team can eliminate all of your manual processes, and land with all of your team on the same page at the same time.

Screenshot 2023-06-21 at 2.45.24 PM

Quickbase is a no-code or low-code platform that allows you to easily create, connect, and customize enterprise applications that fix visibility and workflow gaps without replacing a single system. So what does an integration with Procore mean for the Construction industry?

Remember those pain points we mentioned earlier, like safety planning and concerns, and vendor invoicing approvals?

Currently, many construction companies are using outdated strategies to track these plans such as whiteboards and spreadsheets. This is partly because that’s how it’s always been done, and partly because developing custom tools from the ground up is too costly and time-consuming to make sense.

But manual processing on spreadsheets decreases profits, costs other teams non-productive time, creates an abundance of re-work (manually entering data into Procore solutions), and causes leaks in the data that could be getting seen by more stakeholders across the board.

How Quickbase Automates the Process

Instead of doing this company, process specific activity on a spreadsheet or pieces of paper, integrating Quickbase and Procore allows you easy, cloud-based access to all the data you need. Custom processes can be built out within Quickbase for your information to automatically flow into Procore. Your team will also have the ability to pull correct, good data out of your Pocore solution – often with mobile access for real-time updates from the field. 

This gives you the best of both worlds – your centralized construction management software, as well as the interconnectedness of your custom apps that your teams are managing in Quickbase.

Where does VeilSun come in? 

VeilSun is a professional services firm that is both thorough and excels at Rapid Application Development (RAD). We balance short-term necessity and long-term value. This comes in handy when you are trying to spin up a custom integration during one of the busiest times of the year for the construction industry. VeilSun helps keep your projects on time, and on budget.

We are a trusted partner of Quickbase, and our custom app development services center around utilizing Quickbase for almost all of our projects. We combine sound business know-how, creativity, and Quickbase expertise to go beyond traditional consulting, providing powerful web-based solutions for a wide range of businesses.

How are some of our clients utilizing these integrations today? 

Pre-Construction teams are using these integrations for increased project feasibility & improved estimating. Project Execution teams are finding their teams are getting better at lean planning and scheduling. And other teams such as Reporting, Project Management, Safety Management, Finances and more have found unprecedented benefits from these integrations.