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James CosmanOct 6, 2020 4:30:00 PM4 min read

6 Essential Tips To Supercharge Your Quickbase Apps

As the #1 Quickbase Solution Provider, we know just how robust and versatile Quickbase can be. We also know that on their own, out-of-the-box Quickbase extensions don’t always serve the exact needs of every company. Even if the tools in your Quickbase toolbox are working relatively well, it’s likely that there are opportunities to supercharge your apps and make processes less cumbersome and more efficient.

If you’re already tracking tasks in a Quickbase app, are those tasks specialized for people in the field? Does your scheduling tool offer the flexibility you need to make real time adjustments or factor in delays? Is the interface for your Gantt charts intuitive enough for all of your users? Do you have partners in other countries who need information automatically translated?

Our Quickbase extensions will solve all of these issues. VeilSun’s custom solutions can help you automate repetitive tasks and increase efficiency with fewer clicks. Building on your existing apps, these tools also offer more intuitive visual interfaces to improve usability and data sharing.

1. Automate Tasks and Reduce Clicks

From estimates to task lists, purchase orders to invoices, there are so many line items that any business has to enter into their project management platform. This can often be time consuming and unnecessarily redundant. QAutomate is a simple but versatile way to create numerous records in Quickbase with just a few clicks.

By customizing the master child relationships in your business and creating standardized templates, QAutomate saves you vast amounts of time and effort. You’ll be able to create a library of inventory of tasks in your Quickbase app and pre-filter items populated into parent records. This easy access, custom solution can improve processes by eliminating redundant data entry: creating purchase orders based on estimates and bills based on itemized POs.

2. Integrate Scheduling and Project Management

Whether you need to schedule people or resources, all too often this devolves into a nightmare of emailing and missing pieces. While your existing project management app might be great for allocating and tracking tasks, getting those items onto an actual calendar shouldn’t involve redundant data entry or a seemingly endless number of clicks. QScheduler seamlessly integrates with Quickbase data, merging your scheduling needs with project management best practices.

Generating a web-based calendar, QScheduler’s interface is easy to use and visually intuitive. Through drag and drop scheduling, you’ll be able to quickly allocate resources and visualize availability in real time. You can also customize the views for at-a-glance assessment of resources, tasks, or date ranges.

3. Organize Timesheets in a Single Interface

Single record entry in Quickbase can be cumbersome and inefficient. With time allocated to multiple projects and employees, it’s essential to have entries accessible in a single, easy-to-read interface. QTimesheet does just that: allows you to see all your tasks and timesheets in one place.

Allowing for batch entry timesheets, this Quickbase extension dramatically reduces the number of clicks needed to record and view time entries. It also allows for budget forecasting and tracking; you can monitor costs and maintain real-time tracking of time metrics. Not only that, but QTimesheet provides opportunities for custom flagging – allowing you to set alerts for project progress or budget tracking.

4. Easily Visualize Timelines and Dependencies with Gantt Charts

Gantt charts are one of the most popular ways of organizing data relative to time – allowing you to quickly see how long tasks are scheduled to last and where and when activities overlap. With QGantt, you’ll be able to incorporate a drag and drop interface into your Quickbase apps that allows you to quickly view critical paths and create complex dependencies.

By incorporating Gantt charts and timelines into your Quickbase view, QGantt improves your ability to view and assign tasks, collaborate with peers by commenting on tasks, create complex hierarchies and view critical paths. Giving you a bird’s eye view of the project as a whole, QGantt will help to keep your projects on track and on time.

5. Use Quickbase in Multiple Languages with QTranslate

If your supply chain, production team, customer base or manufacturing plant spans multiple countries, you shouldn’t have to rely on third-party translation services to effectively communicate in real time. QTranslate automates translation across your Quickbase databases in just two clicks. 

Working with the world’s most trusted translation engines, QTranslate allows users to enter data in their native language and then automatically translates it for other language speakers. With more than 80 languages available, you’ll be able to customize translations for industry or technical terms. The app also constantly improves the longer you use it and allows for translation of end-user and developer interfaces.

6. Craft Custom Solutions

These are just some of the ways VeilSun can help you supercharge your existing Quickbase extensions. As the 2018 Quickbase Partner of the Year, 2019 Quickbase People's Choice Solution Provider, and a Quickbase Solution Gold Partner, we’re committed to finding the solution that is right for your business. We’re experts at fine tuning your applications to ensure you’re getting the maximum ROI for your Quickbase tools. Whether you’d like us to perform an App CheckUp, see a live demo of one of our existing products or have an idea for a custom tool, we’d love to hear from you today.