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James CosmanApr 3, 2018 10:49:00 PM1 min read

How Quickbase is Used in the Construction Industry

In the past, when it came to project management, the construction industry either had nothing, or they’d cobble together some antiquated systems. Or, if they didn’t rely on disparate systems, they relied on something huge, like ProCore, a well-known large construction ERP. To make matters worse, construction companies usually find a platform and stay on it for 10-20 years. It’s a simple truth that they’ve rarely embraced innovation when it comes to how they work. In all, this was too much for the modern worker.

VeilSun has extensive experience helping construction companies implement Quickbase to boost productivity and increase efficiency throughout their enterprises. Quickbase works to constantly keep their systems up-to-date. It helps you understand that effective project management is all about getting the right information at the right time to the right resources.

Quickbase is a differentiator for construction for five different reasons: 

  1. Adapts quickly to change
    1. Low Code
    2. Low cost of ownership
    3. Business driven
    4. Constant enhancements
  2. Handles Unique Use Cases in one platform
    1. Highly adaptable
    2. Built around your business
  3. Creates a Central Hub
    1. Integrates with leading software
    2. Open API
  4. Gives real-time insights
    1. Web-based
    2. Mobile entry from the field
    3. Real-time dashboards and reports
    4. Audit trails
  5. Delights users
    1. Attractive user interface
    2. Rapidly implement user’s request
    3. Built specifically to your workflow
    4. Attracts new talent

But the list of benefits doesn’t stop there. Quickbase can also benefit your construction enterprise in these areas of management.

  • Project and Resource Management
    Project Planning / Tracking
    RFI & Submittals
    Change Orders
    Document Management
    Resource Management
    Time Management
    Cost Management

  • Field Management
    Daily Reports
    Safety management and Reporting

  • Finance Management
    Contract management
    Vendor Management
    Procurement & Order Tracking
    Financial Forecasting
    Accounting and ERP integration

  • Asset Management
    Equipment & material tracking
    Safety Compliance
    Realtime Location Reporting
    Warranty tracking
  • Operations
    Recruiting and HR
    Executive Reporting

Quickbase combines all of these areas into a singular, holistic workflow that empowers everybody to work in the same system. Best of all, as you change and evolve over time, your system can grow, change, and adapt with you. It’s clear to see why Quickbase is such a perfect choice for how the construction industry works.

If you have any questions, drop us a line. We’re always happy to talk.