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Richard CrumFeb 14, 2017 1:19:00 PM2 min read


VeilSun is a professional services firm that specializes in developing and integrating cloud-based applications. More specifically, we specialize in QuickBase development, QuickBase consulting, cloud integration and other leading process improvementVeilSun-BlogImage-020817-Empowerment platforms. We’ve helped hundreds of growing companies achieve their business goals through a scalable technology vision. You can find us at our two main offices, one in Denver and one in Houston.

As a Platinum level sponsor, we’re excited to help all attendees and exhibitors embrace the possibilities only available at EMPOWER. In looking to foster the partnerships that help companies thrive, we hope attendees will visit our kiosk in the Exhibit Hall. Not only will they be able to meet our team firsthand and see demos of multiple use cases and tools, they’ll also have the chance to sign up for a Dream Session.

What's a Dream Session? Well, it's an opportunity for you to meet with an experienced VeilSun consultant, discuss your "dream" QuickBase solution, and learn about and see similar solutions. To be clear, it's not a "demo." Instead, it's a collaborative, no pressure "show and tell" personalized specifically to something you are trying to solve. During the Dream Session, you’ll:

  • Get free face-time with an experienced consultant
  • Learn about & see solutions specific to your business needs
  • See VeilSun's most popular extensions in action
  • Leave with specific ideas on how to realize your "dream"

Now, why do we love QuickBase so much? A couple of reasons. One, for its ability to help us solve complex process issues quickly and inexpensively. And two, for its ability to build custom systems exactly the way you want it without traditional custom software costs. With that in mind, we’d really love for you to join us for our speaking session entitled, “4.5 Mind-Blowing Things Our Clients are Doing with QuickBase.”

In the session, we’ll walk through some real-life case studies and the technologies that are driving success. Specifically, you’ll see how our clients are using:

  • Customer Portals to open QuickBase to their customers and differentiate your company
  • Localization (multi-language) technology to bring QuickBase to multinational teams
  • Drag and drop Resource Scheduling to coordinate teams
  • Easy integrations without code to create end-to-end business processes
  • Drag and Drop Document Upload to ease document management (yes, this is the .5)

We believe in Customer Portals so much that we’re going to showcase them in the Demo Theater. You’ll see how to use them internal facing to manage processes and outward facing to manage client relationships. A perfect example of the value of Portals was displayed by one of our partners, Genesis Capital. By empowering them to manage the loan process end to end, we helped save them time and, ultimately, double their business last year.

In closing, there are a lot of reasons to be excited about EMPOWER and the potential opportunities for partnerships it presents. We look forward to seeing you there — and maybe helping make your Dream come true.