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Dan LadnerJan 8, 2015 10:06:00 PM1 min read

Case Study: Custom Parts Manufacturing with QuickBase

Pro Moto Billet designs and manufactures aftermarket off-road trail riding and racing products for motorcycles.


What is QuickBase?

Intuit’s QuickBase allows businesses to build custom applications and workflow on the web, enabling teams to collaborate in real-time.

The Situation

The company was running into issues keeping track of project information across multiple departments. When a new motorcycles model is released, a process begins to determine which existing parts will fit the model, and which parts may need to be revised or totally redesigned. This process, as well as the resultant projects created, were being tracked on paper. Any updates to existing parts required printing new documents and replacing older versions in multiple places.

The Solution


VeilSun designed their QuickBase to streamline the process of fitting parts to new motorcycle models. A checklist within a form allows the R&D department to follow through the list, assigning existing parts and creating projects to create new or revised parts as needed. The tasks for these products are automatically assigned to the proper departments, and the staff is notified when their assigned tasks are ready to begin. All information as to what parts fit which models is ready accessible and instantly updated via QuickBase, eliminating the need for an inefficient and possibly inaccurate paper trail.

The Impact

The implementation saves time and money that would have been spent printing, filing and replacing paper records in multiple places. Projects that were tracked unreliably on paper, routed from one department to another, are now stored in a central location accessible from anywhere, and staff are automatically kept abreast of tasks they need to work on.