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James CosmanApr 11, 2019 10:52:00 PM2 min read

2019 Quick Base People's Choice Award Winner – VeilSun

VeilSun is proud to have been awarded Quick Base's 2019 "The People's Choice Award." Now, we’ve mentioned this before, but we’ve never been huge fans of blowing our own horns. But coming back with this award from the QSP Summit, a big annual conference where Quick Base Service Providers, like VeilSun, get together and hear from Quick Base about the upcoming year, has us really excited! 

VeilSun People's Choice

This award is a big deal for a couple of reasons. First, it acts as a follow up from our “Partner of the Year” award from last year. This year's award is as prestigious and shares some of the same tough criteria for winning. The top three were:

    • VeilSun was #1 in internal satisfaction scores among Quick Base employees
    • VeilSun was #1 in satisfaction scores from clients
    • VeilSun had the highest customer reviews of all QSPs

 Pretty cool, huh? The takeaway here is that VeilSun can officially lay claim to title of being the "highest rated" QSP in the market. (Again, self-promotion isn’t our thing, but we’re pretty excited about this award.)

Winning awards like this isn’t just great for us now—it means great things for us in the coming year. We’re also super stoked about working hand-in-hand with Quick Base this year as Quick Base grows. For those of you that don’t know, Quick Base is bursting at the seams, and have distinctive plans to invest a ton on new development and sales development in the coming year. It’s super cool to be able to partner so closely with someone so dedicated to positive growth. We think one of our founding partners, Rich Crum, put it best, “We’re really excited that VeilSun has been voted as ‘the People's Choice’ QSP to help Quick Base capitalize on new growth opportunities in 2019—and beyond.”

 The second reason this award means so much is that it acts as a validation of our core values. These seven pillars serve as our True North in how we operate every day. In fact, they’re key traits we look for in the DNA of every VeilSun employee. They are: Practical Innovation, Respect, Happiness, Transparency, Mindfulness, Performance Excellence, and Integrity. All of these values work together to help VeilSun keep striving for excellence every day.

Our values are important for three other reasons. One, they’ve helped us elevate our customer service to a level no one else has in the industry. Two, they’ve allowed us to work collaboratively with Quick Base to stay in sync with them. And finally, they’ve pushed us to continually drive practical innovation in all we do. It’s safe to assume that constant striving played no small part in winning our award. We’re humbled by it and look forward to doing all we can to uphold those lofty standards moving forward.

If you’d like to learn more about how you can work with VeilSun (now the People’s Choice QSP for Quick Base), please contact us. We’d love to chat!