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James CosmanJan 19, 2016 2:23:00 PM1 min read

Reason #5 - Why Your Construction Business Doesn't Need Spreadsheets


     5 Reasons Your Construction Business will Never Need Another Spreadsheet 

For the past few days, you’ve seen the different ways that ConstructBase can help your company in various areas.  From customer management, to project management, to financial management, ConstructBase truly covers every aspect of every job that your company is involved in. 

Reason #5: ConstructBase brings great value to your company, by meeting all of your needs.

As stated previously, in most cases, companies will rely on ready-made software to try to meet their business needs. This can be costly, time consuming, and frustrating.  If the software is not working towards the end result, then there is often a need to upgrade, or try new things.  This is where ConstructBase truly adds value to your business.  The fact that our programmers can make changes when and where needed is a huge thing.  In addition, these, and many other add-ons can be plugged in to give your company even more ways to work more efficiently.

  • Using QScheduler makes scheduling sales appointments and crews on active jobs easy.
  • EagleEXT allows you to import Eagleview measurements, so you can create estimates, orders, and invoices.
  • Project Builder helps companies build complex project templates for each project type, which can then be used for active jobs over and over again.
  • QTime and QExpense can be connected to any QuickBase app so users can easily enter time and expenses against multiple jobs all on one page

ConstructBase allows its users to have access no matter where they are, which is huge when taking into account how many different parts there are to a business.  The ease of the program is a huge plus as well.  There is no reason to ever need anotherVeilSun_and_Construction spreadsheet, or use countless programs  that companies have relied on in the past, or tried to rely on.  There are countless benefits to using ConstructBase, and if you’d like more information on what it can do to help your company, or if you’d like to check out a demo and see what it can do, please visit