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James CosmanJan 13, 2016 1:28:00 PM1 min read

Reason #4 - Why Your Construction Business Doesn't Need Spreadsheets

5 Reasons Your Construction Business will Never Need Another Spreadsheet

The past few posts have shown various ways that ConstructBase helps your company grow, maintain identity, and meets your financial management need.  Today, I will cover how it helps connect everyone involved.

Reason #4: ConstructBase provides real-time field management so the status of your project is always up to date.

The #1 challenge facing most construction companies is getting key information from the job site to managers. Many companies depend on paper processes that are too slow to make effective decisions that can avoid major problems.

With ConstructBase, your people in the field can:

  • Complete Daily Reports
  • Enter issues
  • Complete time and expense sheets
  • Take job site photos

Most of this is done through a “Daily Report” entry screen that can be filled out by your foreman or crew members in the field. Check it out! /hubfs/Daily_Report_Screen_Shot_1.png

This information is then available immediately to your managers to;

  • Manage job budgets
  • Respond to job issues
  • Know who is at which job sites
  • Track equipment

All in real-time as it is being entered! Here are examples on how:

Project Manager Dashboard /hubfs/Project_Management_Dashboard.png

Executive Management Dashboard /hubfs/Executive_Management_Dashboard.png

Single Job Detail /hubfs/Project_Management_Dashboard.png

Thanks to QuickBase’s stable and secure cloud platform, ConstructBase makes collaboration easy. The need for papers, folders, and having to purchase various types of software to manage varied aspects of the project becomes unnecessary.  All that is needed can be found in one place, which makes for a streamlined workflow, and you will always know what is going on in the field in real time. 

The final post in the series will cover the value that ConstructBase brings to your business as a whole. If you want more information, visit and request a demo.