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James CosmanJan 4, 2016 3:05:00 PM1 min read

Reason #1 - Why Your Construction Business Doesn't Need Spreadsheets

 5 Reasons Your Construction Business will Never Need Another Spreadsheet

In a former article, I outlined 3 Ways Spreadsheets are Killing Your Business  Over the next 5 days, I’d like to introduce a unique solution we’ve created for the construction companies that will ensure that you never need a spreadsheet again.

ConstructBase ( is a QuickBase application (we’ll explain this tomorrow) built specifically for the construction industry. It helps businesses manage their sales, jobs, and financial processes from a single web application accessible to your whole team.

So let’s dig into exactly what makes ConstructBase more powerful than anything else out there:

Reason #1: ConstructBase manages your sales and jobs in one place

Every construction company has a series of steps that it takes its customers through from the first sales call to the final invoice. This is typically referred to as the “lifecycle” of a customer.  There is a lot of software out there that focuses on specific points of this lifecycle. For example, you may use one application to track your sales, another to do your estimates, another to manage projects, and yet another to manage ordering.

The problem with this is that these systems often don’t “talk” well with each other, so you end up entering the same information in many places. Even worse, there is nothing managing the process of ushering the customer from point A to point Z in your process.

ConstructBase focuses on your entire lifecycle so you can collaborate, track, and report on every aspect of your business process in one place. You can track potential clients from leads.  Once the lead turns into a client, the relationship can be managed throughout the project. Track activity and appointments, see the estimates, check commissions, and manage all of the documents of the project.

Here are some examples:


See where every lead or client is in your process:



Know the status of all your jobs:


Schedule Crews:



Get real-time updates from the field:



Manage your sales pipeline:


Report on the whole process:



Stay Tuned tomorrow for Reason #2: ConstructBase can be customized to fit your unique business process.