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James CosmanMay 12, 2017 4:40:00 PM1 min read

4 ways to connect with us at Empower

Empower is always a great way to get in on the ground floor to know what’s coming. And this year is no exception. In fact, we’re more excited about QuickBase and the future of the platform than ever.

VeilSun_BlogImage_Empower_Connect.jpgWith all of the big changes being revealed at Empower 2017, we want to make sure you find a way to connect with us while you’re there. Here are 4 easy suggestions:

  1. Check out our keynote.
    We’ll unveil QTranslate, an amazing breakthrough that lets you correspond with international partners via your native languages in QuickBase.
  2. Attend our demo session.
    We’ll put QTranslate through its paces to show you just how awesome the functionality is.
  3. Meet up at one of the fun nightly events.
    These are great networking opportunities to share ideas with other QuickBase users in a relaxed environment to see how they solved complex problems.
  4. Schedule a Dream Session.
    Besides getting to spend some face time with our founders, James & Rich, you’ll get to have a conversation to help us understand what your dreams are with QuickBase. We’ll chat about what problems you want to solve and discuss how we can help you get there.

No matter which way you choose, make sure you find us. We’d love to connect! (Of course, that can only happen if you sign up first, so do make sure to do that below if you already haven’t!)