Thoughtful Application Development Strategy

You wouldn't build a house without a blueprint. Why consider building a mission critical application without a plan?

Like building a custom home, developing custom applications requires smart, collaborative architectural plans and a solid foundation. Through our unique Technology Blueprint process, we develop deep insight into your goals right up front. We listen to what you want, validate your requirements and provide solid proposals with clear costs and timelines. We put ourselves in your shoes and do only what makes sense-in the fastest timeframe possible. Our Blueprint process helps create custom application development strategies, documents, and templates before a build ever begins. It is designed to help you choose features you need and understand any potential tradeoffs of time and budget, building a strong foundation for growth.

VeilSun's Technology Blueprint is the essential first step to building and launching a successful application. We take a practical approach that focuses on your immediate need, while keeping an eye on the bigger strategic picture.


  • Ensures desired outcomes don't get lost in the details of technical requirements
  • Provides strong framework for future
  • Decreases the chance of expensive missteps
  • Ensures you get the most out of your system
  • Gets your team to a solution as quickly as possible

Use Cases & Examples

  • All Quickbase Applications
  • Android Apps
  • Custom App Projects
  • Cloud App Strategies & Approaches
  • Enterprise Mobile Application Development Strategy
  • Mobile APP Development Strategy

Our Technology Blueprint involves a series of on-site or remote interviews with key stakeholders, key document reviews, and collaboration with your team. Though each is tailored to fit the needs of the business, most include the following.

Business Case Definition
Together, we will define the context around your application need and outline the desired outcomes and stakeholders for your implementation.
Risk/Opportunity Assessment
We will understand and communicate the risks and opportunities in your technology project.
Application Workflow Definition
We will understand and document your team's current workflow and desired future workflow within the application.
System Design
We will define the database architecture, key user interfaces, and integrations to external apps.
Requirements Definition
We will work with you to define the core requirements for your application.
We will define a phased approach based on your priorities and timeline.
Solution Alignment
All of this will culminate in a presentation on our approach so that we can ensure that we are all aligned.

Need Help with Application Blueprint Examples or Templates?

By going through our Technology Blueprint process we can help save your team time and energy from having to develop your own processes, templates, and documents from the ground up. If you’re curious to see all the cool things we are doing or get ideas and examples of how this can be done, check out our portfolio

Or contact our team today to learn more about how our process can help with things like:

  • Application Development Strategies & Documents
  • Process Templates
  • Strategy Templates
  • Examples & Case Studies
  • PDFs
  • Presentations
  • And more

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