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VeilSun is committed to cloud platforms that allow us to create value for our clients quickly. That said, sometimes it makes sense to extend these platforms beyond their usual capabilities to create efficiencies and a more robust user experience. And other times, starting from scratch makes sense.

Whatever your situation, VeilSun has a team of traditional programmers focused exclusively on custom cloud application development. We offer services such as:

  • Special User Interfaces: Screens that allow easier data entry, such as timesheets, scheduling, and drag and drop.
  • Multi-Action Buttons: Buttons in your application that cause multiple actions to be performed with just one click.
  • Website Integration: Embed platforms into your website to increase client engagement.
  • Mobile Apps: Special user interfaces in Quickbase optimized for a mobile workforce.

Custom Quickbase Development

One of our most common projects is custom Quickbase development. Quickbase is an amazing tool, but it can very quickly become complicated. As a result, we often see customers who build their own interfaces to overcome this (i.e. with timesheets or other bulk entry apps). However, customizations like these can quickly become very clunky and not worth the effort if done incorrectly.

At VeilSun, our team can help smooth out these sorts of projects to ensure that you are getting the most out of your custom app development. We strive to maximize the customization and efficiency with each customization to ensure your apps are doing precisely what you need them to, with minimal effort.

Some of Our Custom Work

  • Branded Client Portal integrated with Quickbase
  • Custom executive dashboard
  • Document repository
  • Custom Form Navigation
  • Custom mobile apps
  • Route planning and scheduling
  • Start/Stop style timesheet for Quickbase
  • Remote lead entry
  • Advanced Resource Management for Quickbase
  • Quickbase Timesheet and Forecasting for Professional Services
  • Quickbase and QuickBooks integrated timesheet

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