About LCI Congress

The LCI Congress is an annual event with an overarching goal of transforming the Built Environment through Lean implementation. Each year, Congress supports a different theme and the tracks evolve based on industry needs.

Designed to be a dynamic learning experience, LCI Congress week is broken up into deep-dive training days, general session days and a Gemba site visit day to place what you learned at Congress into action. Because our program offers a vast selection of educational opportunities, LCI Congress benefits owners, architects, general contractors, trades partners and academics alike!


A Lean Planning and Schedule Management Tool Designed with Customization and Flexibility in Mind

Break free from out-of-the box lean planning constraints. With QLean, you’ll have a tool that’s tailor-fit to work the way you do – from start to finish.

See your schedule at-a-glance. Ditch spreadsheets. Get live updates and real-time information from the field.

Collaborate, coordinate, and capture all your planning conversations and scheduling in one place.

Manage complex construction schedules on an easy-to-use Gantt & Calendar.

Get live updates from the field with weekly work plans and a user-friendly mobile app.

Run multiple pulls and multiple projects through one system.

Visualize dependencies, make adjustments in real time, and see the daily view.

Customize and build your own reports to deploy your team and make strategic decisions.

User-Friendly. Flexible. Efficient.

Ready to see how QLean can deliver your projects on time and on budget, while easily maintaining visibility and control of each aspect of the process?

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