Feedback Management

Collecting and responding to user feedback is THE cornerstone of building and rolling out a successful Quickbase application. This is why we are offering you our “Suggestion Box” Quickbase application as a gift for this Holiday Season. This application is being used in leading companies to:

  • Gather feedback from end-users across all of their Quickbase apps.
  • Prioritize, schedule, and assign feedback to internal developers to make changes in their Quickbase apps.
  • Maintain a running list of changes made to their application(s).
  • Communicate back to the feedback providers so they feel heard.

Suggestion Box Quickbase App

By mastering the art of feedback management using our Suggestion Box app, you will ensure that your Quickbase apps are highly adopted, delight users, and evolve as your business needs change.

Veilsun Webinar

We’d like to invite you to join our upcoming 30 Minute Webinar: Leveraging User Feedback to Build World Class Apps on Tuesday, December 11, 2018 at 11 am EST. You will learn why user feedback is important and best practices for building a Feedback Center of Excellence.