Stay Nimble. Stay Open. Keep Employees & Customers Safe.

Regardless of industry, ensuring the health and safety of your employees and customers is vital to keeping your doors open. Fortunately, this doesn’t have to be an overwhelming or expensive process. VeilSun has the experience and expertise to build custom, flexible, low-code tools to help your company stay in COVID compliance, keep your employees safe and keep you open for business.

Applications of Low-Code COVID Compliance

At VeilSun, we can build you a COVID Compliance Solution that can help you maintain efficiency without adding to your headcount.

Our low-code solutions are highly customizable, always designed with versatility, scalability and easy implementation in mind.

Explore some of the solutions we can build to make your business’s COVID compliance efforts with less effort.

Compliance Management

Don’t waste valuable time sorting through the latest and ever-changing legislation.
  • Automatically keep apprised of changes to Federal, State and local regulations
  • Assign oversight of regulations to individuals
  • Track & report compliance efforts in accordance with your applicable regulations

Occupancy Control

Adhere to occupancy requirements with less cost and oversight.
  • Automate tracking of entrances and exists
  • Conduct health questionnaires & manage temperature checks
  • Build a database for contact tracing requirements
  • Reduce staffing required to oversee occupancy

Contact Tracing

Save time and worry with faster, more accurate reports on exposure.
  • Track cases with your occupancy control database for more powerful, accurate reports
  • Quickly identify exposure clusters
  • Notify individuals of potential exposure

Risk Assessment

Forecast the business impacts of a potential outbreak.
  • Schedule in-person shifts or assign work areas based on business impact
  • Reduce interactions between high-value employees
  • Protect productivity and your employees

Remote Collaboration

Explore our tools for a more efficient remote workforce.
  • QScheduler to solve scheduling problems with project management best practices
  • QGantt for dynamic project tasks and their dependencies
  • QTimeSheets to quickly see all your tasks & timesheets in one place

Consult With an Efficiency Expert

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