3 Key Takeaways from Groundbreak 2023

By James Cosman on Oct 16, 2023 11:26:14 AM

Untitled design-3This year’s Groundbreak celebrated the incredible things that happen when you pair technology with an emphasis on collaboration. Many of the speakers focused on the importance of cultivating a company culture to drive business transformation. 

At VeilSun, we see collaboration as one of the core driving factors in successful lean planning and construction project execution. That’s why we’ve developed so many construction technology solutions that improve both efficiency and collaboration – connecting the office and the field throughout the lifespan of a project.

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Transform Your Construction Processes with Procore & Quickbase

By James Cosman on Jun 22, 2023 2:22:21 PM

With over 3 million construction businesses in the United States alone, there are a lot of people out there navigating the same industry pain points – no matter what size or sector of the industry your company might fall under. Major companies, general contractors and tradespeople alike are all trying to get projects completed on budget and on time.

From safety concerns, to lean planning and invoicing concerns, you might be surprised to learn that updating your company’s software might be the answer to many of your problems. 

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VeilSun's Commitment to Community: A Look Back at Our Charitable Efforts in 2022

By James Cosman on May 23, 2023 6:43:01 PM


Last year, VeilSun demonstrated our unwavering commitment to giving back to our communities through a variety of charitable activities and donations. As a close-knit team with offices in several US cities, we take pride in making a positive impact in our local areas, with a focus on engaging in hands-on service whenever possible. 

From packing boxes of food for those in need to donating to organizations that support education, disability services, and community building, VeilSun's generosity and dedication to social responsibility have left an indelible mark on our communities.

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The Benefits of Lean Construction Planning with QLean

By James Cosman on Jan 5, 2023 4:26:58 PM


If you’re working in the construction industry, it’s almost certain you’ve heard of lean planning. It’s by far one of the most efficient and cost-effective ways to run construction projects of any size. 

Studies have shown that projects using lean planning are 70% more likely to come in under budget and 200% more likely to end ahead of schedule.

But too many people in the industry aren’t leveraging this incredible planning system. Or, if they are, they’re not doing it efficiently. Pull planning with sticky notes is the standard practice, but it’s also outdated and inefficient. Once written out on sticky notes, pulls then have to be manually entered into the schedule – leaving room for input errors and wasting valuable time. Managing pulls in hard copy also doesn’t allow for the inevitable schedule changes and resulting adjustments to dependencies.

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VeilSun Achieves Elite Quickbase Partner Status

By Rich Beanum on Feb 7, 2022 12:53:05 PM


Quickbase is an incredibly agile low-code platform designed for ease of use. Nevertheless, users can benefit greatly from outside expertise in customizing their applications. That’s why Quickbase created a certified Quickbase Partner program – to ensure users know who to turn to for help, and get the maximum value for their investment.

Recently, Quickbase updated the program to create new rankings for its solution providers. VeilSun is proud to announce that we’ve achieved the highest possible rank: Elite status.

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5 Components of an Effective Healthcare Compliance Program

By James Cosman on Jan 3, 2022 4:22:43 PM


On the surface, investing in a healthcare compliance program may not seem like the best way to improve your revenue stream. However, the truth is, being out of compliance results in major fines. That’s a lot of revenue to waste on a solvable problem. 

Paying massive fines every year shouldn’t be treated as a cost of doing business. Healthcare compliance programs with the right infrastructure can save you hundreds of thousands of dollars. VeilSun helped a major healthcare provider go from paying huge annual fines to running a continual compliance program that yielded zero issues on their next audit. Not a single fine.

We also saved them more than $100k on out-of-the-box software that wasn’t working. It doesn’t have to cost an arm and a leg to implement a functional, streamlined system to manage your compliance needs. You can save huge amounts of time, money and effort with an affordable, customizable solution that ticks the right boxes and keeps your organization compliant.

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Tools to Solve Your Construction Project Management Headaches

By Richard Crum on Oct 28, 2021 12:18:24 PM


No matter the size of your construction project, there’s always a ton to keep track of. From manpower to supplies to machinery, you have to manage a lot of moving parts, and the schedule inevitably changes. The good news is there are easy-to-use, affordable tools that can simplify and streamline your construction project management.

Whether you’ve got a five-man team or are managing dozens of subcontractors, you don’t have to spend a ton of money, time or effort getting everything you need in one place. Most of the out-of-the-box construction project management software is expensive, highly complicated and more than a lot of companies actually need.

Every company is different, so effective construction project management tools need to be flexible and easy to customize. That's the beauty of working with Quickbase as the foundation of your construction project management software. It allows you to bring information together from a huge variety of platforms and databases, customize your displays and get all your project management needs consolidated into the same place.

Ditch the spreadsheets. Sync up everyone’s schedules. And do it at a fraction of the cost.

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Why It's Great to Work for VeilSun

By Richard Crum on Oct 1, 2021 2:43:13 PM

VeilSun Team at work

At VeilSun, our people power our success. We’ve worked hard to create a company culture that keeps work fun, interesting and, above all, supportive. 

We’re a fast-growing company not just because we offer exceptional services to our clients, but also because we know that the best way to ensure great work is by starting with a great work environment.

Just ask our team.

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Quickbase Updates – Checklist for Developers

By Rich Beanum on Sep 10, 2021 1:02:00 PM


Quickbase released a host of performance enhancements in recent months, intensifying the speed and efficiency of applications built within the platform. You may have already experienced increased efficiency from some of these features – such as faster batch deletes, the new default record picker behavior, an improved find formula function and a more efficient summary operator, just to name a few.

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Jose Laureano Joins VeilSun as Chief Technology Officer

By James Cosman on Aug 26, 2021 9:45:13 PM

jose laureano

We're proud to announce the addition of Jose Laureano as Chief Technology Officer. Laureano joins VeilSun during the company’s continued rapid growth highlighted by a 40% increase in revenue last year. He will be key in powering the continued growth of the company across multiple industries.  

Laureano’s career spans industry leaders in construction, financial services, healthcare, security and compliance. At Comcast, Laureano led the team who created the data tracking framework for Xfinity hotspots. At DowJones, he developed enterprise architecture systems for The Wall Street Journal website. His work with Johnson &  Johnson in healthcare technology and his background in finance and mortgage industries leave him particularly well poised to increase VeilSun’s market position.

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