View and upload documents to Google Drive from Quick Base

QDrive lets you upload multiple documents to Google Drive directly from your Quick Base app. Once uploaded, you can view and edit them from Quick Base or Google Drive.

How It Works

  • When you add a record to your Quick Base app, such as a client, job, or anything else, a folder is added to Google Drive with the same name
  • The QDrive add-in then appears on this record in Quick Base
  • You can then upload multiple documents to this Google Drive folder directly from Quick Base
  • Any file uploaded to this Google Drive Folder from Quick Base or Google Drive, with then be viewable in Quick Base in the QDrive Add-in


  • Drag and drop many files from Quick Base to Google Drive
  • View Google Drive documents from a Quick Base record ( a company, a job, etc.) whether it was updated from Google Drive or Quick Base
  • Compatible with the Google Drive desktop application
  • Open documents and edit Google Docs directly in your browser without downloading them first
  • Optional Features:
    • Create standard folder structures in Google Drive
    • Browse through Google Drive folders from within Quick Base

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Add access to Google Drive from Quick Base.